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In Canada, the age that a child/youth can leave home varies from province to province. In Ontario a youth can leave home, without parental permission, at the age of 16.

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Q: At what age in Ontario Canada can a child choose to leave home?
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What is the legal age for a child to stay alone overnight in Ontario Canada?

In Ontario, Canada it is not legal to leave a young child home alone overnight. After the age of 16, a child can be left alone over night.

Can you force a seventeen year old to leave home in Ontario Canada?

no you cant

What is the legal age to leave a child in their own?

12 or 14 in canada?

What age can a child stay home alone in Canada?

I heard recently that the legal age to leave a child alone in Nova Scotia, Canada is age 10.

If a child is in foster care in Ontario Canada at what age can they legally leave the foster home?

A child in foster care can leave at the age of 16 years. They do give them the choice of still staying until they are 18 years old.. But just so foster children know they have a right to leave care at 16. The child themselves have the CHOICE... Talk to your worker, and if they dont want to help you, demand a lawyer or go to one, or ask a teacher or friend to help you out.

What age can a child choose to leave foster care?

It varies state by state, 18 to 21 generally

Can a 15 year old in Ontario leave home to stay with her boyfriend or friend?

Yes If it is a safe and healthy enviroment! Any child 12 years old or older can leave home!

What is the legal age to leave a child home alone in Ontario Canada?

depending on the maturity of the child, legal age is 12, a12 year old is also allowed to babysit, so there are courses (free of charge at some centres) to teach babysitting, most community centres will offer these courses through out the year.

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What happens if you leave your husband and take your child in Canada?

I live in Canada. I am an American citizen. I have a child and one on the way. My husband is abusive physically to my son. How do I leave him and come home to the U.S?============================================================================Seek legal advice here in Canada immediately.Do not attempt to scoop the child and flee for the border. You could be charged with a serious criminal offence if you do so.You would not be allowed to take the child across the border in any event without your husband's written consent.

Is it illegal to leave your child home alone?

in Canada it is legal to leave a 10 year old alone and a 12 year old is the age you have to be to babysit a younger person

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