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John Noakes and Peter Perves

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Q: Blue Peter presenters with Valerie Singleton?
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Who co-presented with christopher trace on blue peter?

Valerie singleton

Who where the two presenters of the tv show blue peter?

If you mean the original presenters then they were Christopher Trace and Valerie Singleton, they had both stared in the first series of Dr. Who with William Hartnel as the first incarnation of the Dr. since he was mean only to regenerate 9 times the next one will be the tenth, hence rumours they were going to change it to his daughter.

Who are two presenters from blue peter?

Joel, Andy, Helen and Barney are all the blue peter prestenters

Who are the present days blue peter presenters?

Helen Skelton and Barney Harwood present Blue Peter

What is the surname of all blue peter presenters?

k.civc bkvnkblfciv

What year did Blue Peter start?

1958. The original presenters were Christopher Trace & Leila Williams.

What are the four blue peter presenters names?

Andy, Helen and Joel

Who were the first blue peter presenters?

Christopher Trace and Leila Williams were the first presenters of Blue Peter in October 1958, and since then, there have been 32 other presenters with Helen Skelton and Joel Defries the latest to join in September 2008, replacing Zöe Salmon and Gethin Jones who both left in June 2008.

What are Blue peters presenters names?

Now, in 2012, the presenters are Helen Skelton and Barney Harwood, CBBC presenter.

What is valerie Adams favorite colour?


Will a blue peter annual be out in 2012?

Their is no Blue Peter annual this year according to former Blue Peter editor Richard Marson.

What is the blue Peter ship called?

The ship is called Blue Peter