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Bryce, Fax machines are analog devices and they way that they communicate requires an analog signal on the phone line. As you have recently upgraded to digital phone lines, the fax machine by itself will not work. You can contact Sprint to see if they will provide an adapter to allow the analog signal to work. Another alternative would be to purchase a digital fax machine. Thank you for your question. If you found this answer helpful, please click the Accept button!

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Q: Bryce, Fax machines
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Do fax machines use a voice or data network?

Fax machines use data network.

Need to purchase three fax machines on a budget, which are the best?

The best brand of fax machines on a budget are the Hp Machines. These fax machines offer basic black and white printing at a fraction of the cost.

Fax machines are used for what purpose?

Fax machines are used to send paper documents to another fax machine user via a telephone line.

What types of fax machines are there?

Brother is one of the leading manufacturers in fax machines. There are several different types of fax machines including Black & White Laser, Color Laser, and Color Inkjet.

Which brand of fax machines are the most reliable and long lasting?

Panasonic Fax Machines are the best and most reliable.

What are some companies that manufacture fax machines?

Brother, Panasonic, and HP all still manufacture fax machines. These fax machines can be found on Best Buy's website or through other electronic stores.

What is the use of a copy and fax machine?

Fax copy machines will accept fax feeds and print them out for your convenience. With the rise of e-mail and mobile phones, fax machines are seeing less use.

How many fax machines are there in the US?

43 Million Fax Machines There Are Around 43 Million Fax Machines In Operation While many talk about the death of the fax machine β€” and despite the fact it now appears in museums of technology as hardware of a bygone era β€” the fax machine is far from gone

Modern fax machines use -------- to transmit text?

Modern fax machines use scanned documents to transmit text.

What kind of fax machines are there that are affordable yet reliable ?

Non commercial fax machines tend to be affordable and very reliable.

What sites sell fax copier machines?

One example of a site that sells fax copier machines is the Best Buy website. Another site that sells a variety of fax copier machines is the Office Depot website.

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