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It depends. If they are multiple voltage 110-220v appliances (such as most computer power supplies are) they obviously can be, taking special care to check if a switch has to be flipped to use the other voltage. If they are 220v-only devices, you need some sort of a converter to use them. That can be for instance a 110v/220v transformer, but if WILL be bulky and heavy as hell, and available for relatively small power only. Or you might use an electronic 110v/220v power converter, if you can find one, which might be considerably lighter and possibly available for higher power, but it probably won't be that cheap either. If the appliance is a fairly generic one, buying a new 110v model is probably the easiest and cheapest way to do it. It should be noted that a lightbulb- or heating-element-type appliance should still work with the smaller voltage, just weaker, as opposed to the reverse situation of supplying 220v to a 110v device, which would certainly burn out. It is however rather pointless to try to do it, and HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED.

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2007-09-04 10:30:42
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Q: Can 220 volt appliances be used in 110 volt countries?
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Can 110 colt appliances be used in 220 volt countries?

With transformers available at electronics and travel stores.

What voltage can not use to a 110 socket?

Only use 110-120 volt appliances on a 110 volt socket.

Can you plug 120 volt appliances into 110 volt outlet?

110 Volt is the nominal standard used in homes. Appliances are rated at 120 volts as a safety measure, as the voltage can fluctuate between 110v and 115v. Appliances rated in this manner will require voltages higher than 120v in order to sustain damage. Might call it a safety net for appliances.

If 220 volt appliances consume half the power of 110 volt appliances why aren't refrigerators being sold in the USA with 220 volts?

True, 220 volt appliances consume less energy than 110 volt ones, but in order to use them in the US, you would need to convert them to 110 voltage. This is a less efficient use of energy. Plus, 220 volt appliances are a more risky because people can get seriously injured if they get shocked from them.

Can 110 volt appliances be plugged into a normal house plug?

In the United States and other countries which run the same type of 60 Hz service, yes.

Where can you find an electric washer and dryer for 110 volt?

If you live in a Country that uses 110 V as domestic supply you will only be able to buy 110 V appliances. If not, you have no need for 110 V appliances, you will find nowhere to connect it.

What is the energy used in many appliances?

electrical energy, usually 110 Volt or 220 Volt here in the U.S. Also, natural gas is used as an alternative to elecrtical in kitchen stoves, furnaces, and water heaters.

Can you plug a 115-volt appliance into a 110-volt outlet?

Appliances are typically labeled 110-120 volts. The voltage in an average house varies over this range. You are good to go.

Can 110 volt be used for 115 volt?

Yes - usually house voltage varies from 110 to 120 volts.

How do you use electric appliances in Israel?

You plug the appliance into the outlet. Israel uses 220-volt household current. Any 110-volt appliances brought from abroad will need a small transformer, which can be bought in appliance stores.

Why buy 220 volt appliance?

Because a 220 volt appliance will draw 1/2 the current of a comparable 110 volt appliance. This means you can run smaller wire than for a comparable 110 volt appliance. 220 volt appliances are usually those that draw more current than other appliances. For example an electric stove with 50 A service would require 100 A at 110 volts which would really require heavy duty cable which is costly and hard to run.

Can you change wall plugs 110 volt systems to suit 240 volt appliances?

It is not just the outlet, but the wiring and breakers that need to be compatible with your 240 Volt appliance. Get an electrician to look at your requirement.

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