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A unwed mother can give her child any name she wants to regardless of who the father is.

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Q: Can a mother change child's last name other then her last name if she knows who the biological father is and he is not on the birth certificate?
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Can the biological father change the last name on a birth certificate?

Usually the father has to have permission from a court or judge to do so.

If a birth certificate has the wrong father name can you change it?

Yes, it can be changed after paternity of the biological father has been established by the courts, you fill out a change of birth certificate affidavit and send it in with your court documents to the bureau of vital statistics stating who the real father is and the birth certificate will then be changed.

How do you change a child's last name on the birth certificate if it has been established that the originally named male is not the biological father?

The biological father must agree to the accept parentage or parentage must be established through the court before the birth certificate can be amended.

Is it against the law to put your name on the birth certificate your wife and you had someone help us have a baby and you are not the biological father but will be the father?

Oh yeah. The biological father and mother are put on the certificate.

How do you change the name of your stepchild if the biological father was never around and lives in another country?

Take the birth certificate to your court.

Can a father have his name added to a child's birth certificate if the mother agrees?

A child's biological father can have his name added to a child's birth certificate regardless of whether or not the mother agrees to it. If the biological father voluntarily relinquishes his parental rights and the child is legally adopted by another man, his name can be added to the birth certificate in place of the biological father.

How to change father's name on birth certificate if father is deceased?

A deceased father's name is not removed from any birth certificate. The purpose of an official record of birth is to record the name of the child's biological parents. Every child's father dies at some point. Their names are not removed from the birth certificate for that reason.

If you are adopted should your adoptive or biological father sign your wedding certificate?

If you are adopted, your biological father has no legal standing. And there is no requirement that any parent sign a wedding certificate. If you are underage, you may need signatures to obtain the marriage license and it would be the adoptive parent that would have to sign.

Can biological mother add step dad to birth certificate without telling biological farther?

The birth certificate can only have one father and only the biological father is allowed to be on it. And only he can sign it. A step parent have no legal right to the child.

Do you have to married for the non biological father to sign child's birth certificate in Texas?

Except in an adoption, there is no such person as a "non biological father." The only man who should be signing a birth certificate is the child's biological father. Any other man who signs it is making an illegal statement.

Can you remove a non biological fathers'name from a birth cerificate and add the biological fathers' name?

Yes you can remove a non biological father's name from a child's birth certificate and add the biological father's name. However, you must have a DNA test to disprove paternity of non biological father and another proving paternity of biological father. With these tests you can make an application (through your attorney, who would prepare the necessary paper work) to the court to remove the non biological father's name from the birth certificate. According to the law in your country, you might need the approval of the biological father to have his name added to the child's birth certificate.

Can you put fathers name on birth certificate with out him signing?

No, only the biological father can sign his name on the birth certificate.

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