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Q: Can you get chucky in real life?
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In real life does chucky actually murder people?


Does Chucky really exist?

No. There are Chucky dolls for sale, but none of them are possessed by any dead serial killers. The Child's Playmovies are 100% fictional.Chucky himself does not exist. However, the character was inspired by an actual doll,called Robert, who is supposed to be carrying a voodoo curse.For more on Robert, please click the links below.

How is chucky real?

hi im chucky jaquon Parker

Can chucky be real?


Who in the world said chucky was real?

I am uncertain of who said Chucky is real. But, Chucky (Charles Lee Ray) is a fictional character from the Child's Play movies.

Is the movie Chucky real?

There is no movie called Chucky. The movies that feature Chucky the killer doll are called the Child's Play movies: Child's Play, Child's Play 2, Child's Play 3, and so on, up to the new sequels, Bride of Chucky and Seed of Chucky. To answer your question, no, Chucky isn't real. How could a killer doll be real?

Is the Chucky doll real?

No, the film was a work of fiction.

Is any of the Chucky movies real?


What is the revenge of chucky about?

not a real movie

What is lil chucky's real name?

Chucky's real name is Rashad Ballard. Charles Lee Ray is the Chucky doll from the movie.

Does chucky kill kids?

In the "Child's Play" franchise, the serial killer Charles Lee Ray transfers his soul into a doll named Chucky, who then goes on to commit murders. Chucky targets both adults and children throughout the film series.

Is revenge of chucky a real movie?

chucky is NOT real it takes 4 people or maybe more to operate the head using remote controls and there is a movie called revenge of chucky i think so anyway