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Yes and had previously been married

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Q: Did King David have an affair with a married woman?
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What is a king david affair?

It is actually found in the Bible 2 Samuel 11:1, and refers to King David's affair with a woman name Bathsheba. David later repents of his decision but not before he endures the consequences.

What king was confronted by the prophet Nathan because of his adulterous affair?


Who had one army man killed to cover affair in the King James Bible?

King David.

Who is Mary King married to?

Alan King (david king)

Who is Mary married to?

Alan King (david king)

Who was bethsheba?

She was a woman who King David had an affair with. He was supposed to go fight with his army (where God wanted him) but he stayed back and saw Bathsheba washing naked and had her delivered to him, He got her pregnant and then had to have her husband killed. But God's grace and forgiveness was extended to him even after all that.

What was the name of the wife of both Nabal and King David?

Abigail was the wife of both Nabal and King David. She married David after Nabal's death.

What did David do that god forgave him for?

King David (a married man) had sex with, and impregnated, Bathsheba, a married woman. When Uriah, Bathsheba's husband, did not follow David's orders (which would have covered up who impregnated Bathsheba), David had Uriah killed in battle. The baby, conceived by David and Bathsheba, died after it was born. David was forgiven, but, his sons and daughters suffered for having a wicked father and king. David was not allowed to build a Holy temple to God in Jerusalem. His son, Solomon, was allowed that privilege.

Is david king married to Bridget regan?

No, Bridget Regan is married to Eamon O'Sullivan.

What woman committed adultery with David?

Bathsheba, her husband was Uriah at the time that she slept with King David.

Did Martin Luther King Jr get married?

Yes, in 1953 he married a woman named Coretta Scott.

I need a fact about King David for school but I don't know facts about King David. What is a fact about King David?

On of the popular facts about King David, is his sin that caused a crack in his character. He slept with Bathsheba, a married woman, who he saw on the rooftops. His son by Bathsheba fell ill as the prophet Nathan had told him it would. This was the punishment for his sin. He also killed the husband to Bathsheba because he refused to sleep at home with his wife when he was called from war because he thought it unfair to his fellow soldiers.