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Natalie wood was her onley screen name she was born natalia zacharenco

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Natasha Gurdin

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Q: Did Natalie Wood have another film name?
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Who sang for maria in west side story?

Natalie Wood as Maria (singing voice Marni Nixon)

What is the name of the girl in Miracle on 34th street?

The character "Susan Walker" was played by: Natalie Wood in the 1947 version and by Mara Wilson in the 1994 version.

What is the name of Robert Wagners wife who drowned?

Natalie wood

Whose real name was Natasha Gurdin?

Natalie wood

In which film did Natalie Portman's character name her daughter Americus?

Natalie Portman's character, Noveley Nation, in the film 'Where the heart is' named her daughter Americus.

In what hospital was Natalie Wood born?

Natalie Wood was an actress who was born on July 20, 1938 and died in 1981. However, the name of the hospital where she was born is not listed.

What horrible joke features Natalie Woods name as the punch line?

What's the only wood that doesn't float? Natalie Wood. I heard that one in the 80's

I saw a film in the 80s where the main character had premonitions and when he held a cine camera against his head he would transfer what his mind was experiencing onto the film. Anyone know the name?

You may be thinking of "Brainstorm" (1983). Stars Christopher Walken, Natalie Wood, Louise Fletcher, Cliff Robertson. Side Note: Natalie Wood died before filming was completed. As a tribute to her, they changed the ending so they could keep her in the film.

What is the name of the child star whose career was launched by her appearance on miracle on 34th street?

Natalie Wood.

Who is Natalie woods sister?

Natalie Wood's sister is named Lana Wood and she is also an actress. Most people remember her, although they may not know her name, as the character Plenty O'Toole from the James Bond movie, Diamonds Are Forever.

Is timber a type of wood or another name for wood?

Timber is another word used for wood it is not a type of wood.

Another name for fossilized wood?

petrified wood