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Q: Did Ohio have black codes
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What did many southern states use to limit civil rights during reconstruction?

black codes

Number of zip codes in Franklin County Ohio?

There are 64 ZIP codes for Franklin county in Ohio.

How many Ohio area codes are there?

There are currently 10 area codes in Ohio. When Ohio needs more area codes they will introduce an eleventh area code for the Columbus/Central Ohio area and a twelfth area code for the Cincinnati region.

What caused African Americans to be treated like slaves under president Johnson's for Reconstructions?

The Black Codes

Fine for no right on red in the state of Ohio?

Each municipality (city) in Ohio either has it's own traffic penalty codes or uses the Ohio Revised Codes.

Who was adversely affected by the black codes?

Black people were adversely affected by these black codes because the black codes limited the rights of African Americans.

What is the area code for Defiance Ohio?

Defiance, Ohio, is in area codes 419 and 567 (overlay).

How can you use black codes in a sentence?

I didn't know the black codes locked the game, while blue codes let me play.Black codes have uses, though I don't know what.People who believe in black codes also wear black boots.

How we're black codes similar to slavery?

how were the black codes similar to slavery?

What caused the number of convicts laborers to increase?

Black codes

How did black codes start?

hi i wanna know how the black codes started

What are facts about black?

black codes