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Yes he did after Itachi sealed Orochimaru away in the Ten Hands Long Sword or the Sakenagi Longsword using Susanoo. This took away the power Sasuke gained from sealing Orochimaru in his body as well as his Cursed Seal of Heaven.

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Q: Did Sasuke lose his power from Orochimaru?
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Why does orochimaru get killed by itiahi?

Hmm... how should I answer this question? Simply put, Orochimaru was not killed by Itachi, but by Sasuke. Sasuke killed Orochimaru in Orochimaru's weakest condition, knowing that Orochimaru had no more power to grant him.

Why does orochimaru want Sasuke?

Sasuke Uchiha has the 'Sharingan' ability, an asset that Orochimaru would find very useful. Also, Sasuke is a very powerful Ninja, already adept at Taijutsu, Genjutsu and Ninjutsu. Orochimaru has already managed to put a curse upon Sasuke, which lends Sasuke a portion of Orochimaru's power at certain points. Orochimaru believes that by lending him such power, Sasuke will hunt for more, eventually leading him to find Orochimaru. Another reason is that Orochimaru eventually wants to take over Sasuke's Body because he is so powerfull. once Sasuke kills Itachi, Orochimaru Plans to inhabit Sasuke's soul.

Did Sasuke take orochimaru powers?

Yes. Sasuke kills him and 'absorbs' him, or takes the power of the white snake that was inside Orochimaru.

Why did Sasuke turn to orichimaru on Naruto?

For power. Orochimaru told Sasuke he could help, and so to avenge his clan and defeat his brother, sasuke turns to orochimaru.

Why did Orochimaru need Sasuke and what would he do to him?

orochimaru wanted to be in sasuke's body because he saw that sasuke had great power, but sasuke took advantage of the fact that orochimaru was weak and decided to fight him. sasuke defeated him and ran away to go look for itachi and kill him......

Does Sasuke orochimaru?

he goes to his side to get power to kill itatchi

How did Sasuke get his curse mark?

Orochimaru gave it to him. He bit Sasuke's neck in the Forest of Death but at the time Sasuke didn't want it. Orochimaru gave it to him to give Sasuke a LITTLE taste of Orochimaru's power. When Sasuke started using the curse mark's power he absolutely loved it and that is why he went to Orochimaru in the first place (WHY OH WHY DID IT HAVE TO HAPPEN? Yes, that is true butt for those who don't know the only reason that Sasuke went to him for the power is to get enough skill and power to kill his brother Itachi Uchia who is very strong and Orochimaru wants his body because he needs it for his immortality Jutsu which he just switches body's, but what I didn't get is when old man Hokaga died, he made sure Orochimaru couldn't use his hands butt still he can? Sasuke is a backstabber

Why is Orochimaru not in the Akatsuki any more?

He defected after failing to take Itachi Uchiha's Sharingan eyes. He branded Sasuke Uchiha (Itachi Uchiha's younger brother) with the Cursed Seal of Heaven in hopes of him coming to Orochimaru to find more power. He did this, and after 2 and 1/2 years of training Sasuke and Sasuke's Sharingan with Orochimaru, he prepared to steal Sasuke's body into his own so Orochimaru would have the Sharingan. He devoured Sasuke, but Sasuke's will eroded Orochimaru's jutsu (Living Corpse Reincarnation) and made Sasuke absorb Orochimaru into his body, thus backfiring the jutsu.

What happens to Sasuke after he joins orochimaru?

He gains a lot of skill and power.

Who will kill orochimaru?

When Orochimaru was transforming, Sasuke enters the room and tried to kill him. Orochimaru is in Sasuke, but Sasuke took over Orchimaru so Sasuke has full control of his own body. During Itachi's final battle, Itachi finds that Orochimaru is still alive in Sasuke, so Itachi drove Orochimaru out and kills him. Part of Orochimaru is in Kabuto after Sasuke and Orochimaru's fight, so Orochimaru might not be dead, but Orochimaru is mainly killed by Sasuke. The answers you find here are all found from the manga we read.

When did Sasuke lose his curse mark in Naruto?

Sasuke loses it in his fight with Itachi when they are fighting and orochimaru emerges from Sasuke in the form of a 8 headed snake and itachi uses the sword of totsuka to seal orochimaru for all eternity along with the curse mark.

Does Orochimaru get Sasuke's body?

no sasuke absorbs orochimaru's body first before orochomaru can do the same to him. But when sasuke fights itachi he cant control orochimarus power and he comes out so itachi kills orochimaru right before sasuke kills itachi