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Yes they actually do after getting married they take a trip for their honeymoon which ....there is gets even better and they become closer than they were before.

To the person who posted the question... You need to be specific..

As for working in a job...

No they don't work, Edward has never worked a day in his exhistance, Bella has. There is no reason for them to work because they have money.

As for a relationship work.. read the book..

To the person who answered.. Have you even read the books? You make it sound all lovey dovey.. There it doesn't get better, she gets pregnant, betrays Edward, sides with Rose, carries the baby to term (all the while after both Carlisle and Edward tell her it would kill her) Has a very gruesome childbirth, dies, becomes a vampire, lies to her father, almost kills Jake because he imprints on her daughter, brings the Voltouri into Forks by chasing her. Causes her dad to be in on something that could kill him. Breaks apart the wolfpack, because it's all about Bella..Bella Bella Bella.

The fact of the matter is that she betrayed Edward. He wanted the baby gone, she kept it and went to Rose, therefore putting more of a rift in the family. Bella is a spoiled brat as long as she kept Edward she didn't care who got hurt in the process. Instead of asking questions, read.

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Q: Do Edward and Bella work after getting married?
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What did Bella get for 19th birthday from Cullens?

In New Moon Bella receives a car stereo from Jasper, Rosalie, and Emmett. Edward gives her a CD of songs that he recored on the piano for her, and Alice, Esme, and Carlisle get her and Edward plane tickets to visit Bella's mom, Renee, in Florida.

How does Edward leave Bella in new moon?

Yes & no. In the book and movie, Edward leaves Bella, thinking it would be better for her. It actually wasn't. Alice Cullen "sees" Bella planning to cliffdrive, thinking that she is trying to commit suicide. Later, Bella and Jacob are at her house when Edward calls, asking where Charlie is. Jacob replies "he's at the funeral." Edward thinks that Bella actually commited suicide and so goes to provoke The Volturi. Alice comes to Bella's house and tells her what is happening and so they go to Italy and try to stop Edward before 12 pm. They do stop him and they go back to Forks. Basically, Edward leaves Bella and when Bella hears Edward is going to kill himself she goes to him. So technically no, he does not.

Where did Edward inject his venom on Bella in breaking dawn?

In the first book-Edward did not put venom into Bella and actually sucked James venom out of her blood stream. IN THE FOURTH BOOK-Edward injects Bella with his venom with a needle into her heart while she gives birth to Edwards daughter renesme.

Does Bella Cullen Die giving birth?

Rosalie is taking Bella to the bathroom when it starts. Bella asks Rosalie if she can walk to the bathroom rather than being carried. Bella walks for two steps and falls down to the ground barfing blood. Edward picks Bella up and takes her upstairs and begins giving birth to the baby who'se name is a combination of Renee and Esme together: Rennesme. Jacob coincidentally happens to be in the area during the time, and Jacob helps out by doing CPR. A few seconds after Edward gets the baby out, Bella's heart stops. Jacob does more CPR, but nothing seemes to work. Edward shoves a straw in multiple places in her body to get venom to her quickly. The venom fails at first. Jacob gets in this huge conversation about how the baby killed Bella and she just sat there and let it do it! Jacob is ready to prounce on Rosalie, who happened to be holding the baby at the time, when Bella begins breathing again! If you would like to read this yourself, here is where to find it: Breaking Dawn Book 2: Jacob Chapter 18: There Are No Words For This Written By: Stephanie Meyer Book can be purchased at: Little, Brown Book

What is the plot of the book twilight Saga Eclipse?

Isabella "Bella" Swan moves from sunny Phoenix, Arizona to rainy Forks, Washington to live with her father, Charlie, while her mother, Renée, travels with her new husband, Phil Dwyer, a minor league baseball player. Bella attracts much attention at her new school and is quickly befriended by several students. Much to her dismay, several boys compete for shy Bella's attention. When Bella is seated next to Edward Cullen in class on her first day of school, Edward seems utterly repulsed by her. He disappears for a few days, but warms up to Bella upon his return; their newfound relationship reaches a climax when Bella is nearly run over by a fellow classmate's van in the school parking lot. Seemingly defying the laws of physics, Edward saves her life when he instantaneously appears next to her and stops the van with his bare hands. Bella becomes hellbent on figuring out how Edward saved her life, and constantly pesters him with questions. After tricking a family friend, Jacob Black, into telling her local tribal legends, Bella concludes that Edward and his family are vampires who drink animal blood rather than human. Edward confesses that he initially avoided Bella because the scent of her blood was so desirable to him. Over time, Edward and Bella fall in love. Their relationship is thrown into chaos when another vampire coven sweeps into Forks. James, a tracker vampire who is intrigued by the Cullens' relationship with a human, wants to hunt Bella for sport. The Cullens attempt to distract the tracker by splitting up Bella and Edward, and Bella is sent to hide in a hotel in Phoenix. There, Bella receives a phone call from James, who claims he is holding her mother captive. When Bella surrenders herself, James attacks her, but Edward, along with the other Cullens, rescues Bella and destroys James. Once they realize that James has bitten Bella's hand, Edward sucks the venom from her system before it can spread and transform her into a vampire, and she is then sent to a hospital. Upon returning to Forks, Bella and Edward attend their school prom and Bella expresses her desire to become a vampire, which Edward refuses.Its about a vampire and a werewolve- Who are enemys- fighting over a girl . But its much better than just that :)

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Do Bella and edward get in a fight?

They do get in fights - but they work it out. . .

What does Bella Swan's mum work as?

Bella's mom doesn't work at all! that's why she married Phil the baseball player!

Does charlie get mad about Bella and edwad getting married?

Not as much as Bella thinks he will... he is more passive-aggressive about it. He figures that Bella's mother will be very unhappy about it, so he acts calm about the engagement and figures that he will let her mother freak out at Bella. (tho Bella's mother is surprisingly cool about it so it did not work)

Why didn't Carlial make Bella a vampire?

Because Bella wanted Edward to do it. Plus it didn't work out that way in Breaking Dawn.

What is the story of twilight breaking dawn part 1?

Bella and Edward gets married and they went for their honeymoon at Isle Esme. After 13 days of their marriage, Bella suppose that she have her menstruation, but she don't have it. So later Bella look at herself on mirror and found out that her belly swells a little. Edward bought Bella back to Forks and Carlisle said that Bella is positive , pregnant. Sam's pack have to protect their tribe but Jacob did not allow them to kill Renesmee.So the Cullens and the Pack gets into a war. but after the war, Bella wants to give birth. Bella drops to the ground but Edward held up her head so that there aren't a thud. Bella almost dying to give birth and after gave birth, she died. Edward tried to save her life by turning her to a vampire and that's work.

What challenges did Twilight characters go through?

Twilight: * Bella faced moving to an entirely new state * Edward had to work on keeping self-control for his thirst for Bella's blood * Bella had to lie to her dad about hating Forks so that they'd both be safe New Moon: * Edward moves away, leaving a broken-hearted Bella * Bella jumps off a cliff, and Edward almost get himself killed since he thought Bella had commited suicide

Why did edward stick a needle in Bella in breaking dawn?

To prevent her pain during the transformation from human to vampire but it doesn't work

Why did Jacob Black leave Bella in Eclipse?

Because he didn't see how it would work with trying to be Bella's friend when her boyfriend was a vampire and Edward and Jacob both hated each other.

Can edward read Bellas mind?

When Bella is a human, Edward CANNOT read her mind. When Bella becomes a vampire, her special ability is her shield. Edward still can't read her mind, Kate cannot shock Bella with her fingers, etc. But, she has the ability to lift her shield so it's like it was never there in the first place. When she lifts her shield, Edward CAN read her mind. Read the last couple pages in Breaking Dawn, that's when this happens.

Who gets Bella Jacob or edward?

Edward. Edward wins her heart. Jacob has it too for a bit, but she loves Edward and that's that. Jacob tries to make himself imprinted to her, like Sam and Emily, but it doesn't work because it only comes naturally.

What does Edward Cullen do in the sunlight?

Bella see's Edward in full sunlight when they take a hike on the weekend, when Bella is supossedly going shopping. Edward reveales himself in the meadow that they end up in, after they take a "hike".

How old is edward Alice Bella Emmett Esme Rosalie jasper Jacob carlise and Renesmee all together?

work it outt !!