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Court ordered child support is to be paid to the person that is caring for the child. If there is a dispute over who that person should be, it is a matter for the court to decide not the parent paying the support. The fact that the child may move in with another relative is not legal grounds for stopping support payments.

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2005-04-22 02:08:08
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Q: Does child support stop if the child lives with his grandma but is supposed to be living with his mother?
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Does the mother get child support or is the kid supposed to?

The parent is supposed to get the child support, not the minor child.

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A grandma is either your mother's mother or your father's mother.

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Can a mother has the right for support of her child?

A mother is supposed to support her child through high school, as long as the child remains in school. Children are not required to support their parents.

How do you spell great grandma in Turkish?

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for my grandmother, senior living was not the answer. my mother had an addition put on our house and my grandma lived with us happily for 15 years.

Mother no longer maintains a bedroom can she still get child support for a child living on his own?

Child support is intended for the child's benefit, not the mother's.

What is the single word in English for mother's mother?


What happens if you are paying child support to a mother and the child is not living with her do we pay support still to the mother?

If you are paying child support to a mother and the child is not living with her, you are still obligated to pay her if you have a court order to do so. In that case, you can petition the court to change the order. You can expect that you will have to pay whoever has the child instead of paying the mother.

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