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yes he does have a girlfriend

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โˆ™ 2010-07-19 21:30:09
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Q: Does joey diamond have a girlfriend?
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What is Joey Diamond's sexual orientation?

joey diamond is gay.

Is joey diamond girlfriend really Demi Lovato?

hell no he is not going out with her demi lovato is just trash to me so i dont think joey will ever date her..

What is Joey Diamond's last name?

Joey Diamond's last name, is Kamlley. His full name is Joey Diamond Kamlley Jr.

How many siblings does joey diamond have?

Joey diamond has five sibling in one state.

When is joey diamond birthday?

Joey Diamond Kamlley Jr Gave Birth On 10.06.91

What is joey diamond famous for?

Joey diamond is famous for his talented singing voice, his looks, and videos on youtube.

Who is joey bragg girlfriend?


Has joey graceffa got a girlfriend?

Joey is gay and he has Daniel.

Is joey diamond famous?

yes, in a way. Joey diamond is internet famous, and became famous by his youtube videos.

Joey bought his girlfriend a cup of coffee what is the indirect object in the following sentence?

What is the Subject? Joey. What is the verb? Bought. What did Joey purchase? Did Joey purchase a girlfriend? Did Joey purchase a cup of coffee? Which did Joey do. What did joey actually do? Did the store have girlfriends for sale? Where is this store? I want to buy a girlfriend! We have decided that Joey purchased a girlfriend. That makes the girlfriend that Joey purchased the direct object of the sentence. What did Joey do with this girlfriend that he purchased. He gave her to a cup of coffee. That makes cup of coffee the indirect object. Of course anytime we can rewrite a sentence so that we can put a to or for in front of a phrase, we make it easier to find the indirect object. Let's rewrite the sentence. Joey bought a cup of coffee for his girlfriend. Now it is clear what joey bought. It is clear what is the direct object. It is clear who he bought it for, the indirect object.

Has joey jordison got a girlfriend?

do gaydos got a girlfriend

Is joey diamond gay?


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