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There are many choices for you to choose the best job consultancy and organization. Choose the company that suited your skills, talents, experience and area of expertise. you can search in Devjoin websites for jobs in non-profit organization. Devjoin is the best company which provide different types of Jobs.

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Q: How can I get a job in NGO or social sector in India?
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Is ngo job better than bank job?

If you want to server mankind than obviously NGO job is far better than bank job.

What system determines a person's job social groups and marriage in India?


How is the career job scope in information technology after 2008 in India?

well there is a great scope of IT in India.. IT hubs are openin in India and foreign MNC's and even Indian companies are looking forward for talented guys...The jobs in this sector are more but the professionals are not as dont worry bout the jobs in this sector...there are plennnttyyyyyyy!!!!...

Why do you want to join the ngo?

If you apply for a job at an NGO you might be asked why it is you want to join them. You could tell them that you admire previous work they have done.

What is the salary like in NGO such as WWF?

Depends on the NGO and depends on the job function. Larger, more corporate NGO's such as WWf and TNC typically pay higher salaries than some other NGO's such as Sierra Club or CLCV or U name it. But again, depends on the Job Function as Senior Staff will earn big bucks while Other Staff may earn peanuts.

What is the full form of JD in HR sector?

JD in HR Sector is Job description

Based on your work experience and qualifications how can you add value to the job sector?


Example of a tertiary job?

Any job in what is known as the service sector.

Job oppertunities after bsc biotechnology in India can i get job after bsc biotechnology in India what can i do after bsc in biotechnology in India is there any any jobs in India any scopes any wo?

Yes ofcorse after bsc biotech u will get good job oportunities in pharma,govt sector,reasurch and in agriculture field.for msc there r many options such as msc in marine,industry,agriculture,management,health science and resurch as per u r intest

Current trend in database?

The current trend is that some people are going and work for tertiary sectors as this is the service sector and more people want to do this type of work or job. Some people are not happy on this sector because of the weather some people doesn't want to do this sector because its cold in winter and they don't want to go and do fishing in the cold and go farming in the snow because it is to cold because of the weather. This is the reason why people going to the tertiary sector because they want a job that suit them and they going to feel comfortable on the job and pay good social hours, life/work balance they choose in tertiary sector. decreasing

Can you apply in govt sector with bs engineering from bits pilani?

NO it is not valid degree for govt. sector job

Is anyone a mother working in the public sector whose husband lost a job in the private sector?