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The machine in the Terminator movie is a cyborg (cybernetic organism). Though current technology does not allow the transformation of people into cyborgs as advanced as the Terminators featured in the Terminator films, in the future, with the advent of mind upload and advanced cyborgization, it may be possible to become an entity very similar to the Terminator.

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Q: How can you become a machine like in The Terminator movie?
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Is Marcus Wright a T-800 cyborg in 'Terminator Salvation'?

He is made like one- except he does not know he is a machine. Therefore, he does not have any intentions of killing people. He also has the organs of a human as he was a prototype to have living tissue.

Is Arnold schwartsnegger in terminator 4?

Yes and No Arnold does indeed appear in the movie be it a small role but it is just his likeness using CGI. The digital version of the now Governor Schwarenegger is involved in a fight scene late in the movie with John Conner. There is no voice overs or anything like that just the digital face of Arnold placed on the robotic looking terminator.

Have movies become more violent in your lifetime?

Well yes movies have become more and more violent over the decades, originally films were silent and more slapstick violence and then it became more shootouts and then you jump to the 1980's and movies like Alien and Terminator and now you look at movies like Saw and Hostel and you realize a trend.

Who were the four shadows in room overlooking the prisoners coming into the skynet HQ in terminator salvation?

They are clues to where the next episode of the terminator drama will go. Terminator movies make money well enough, its just that they are produced only after a five-ten year waiting period - waiting for the speculation, nostalgia and real world comparisons of the Terminator story with the actual world we live in to come to a crescendo. So yeah, looks like humans are in on it. Actually, looks like a select group of individuals with a personal interest and agenda will be shown as behind it all... sic. the whole elite group, NWO, Illuminati, Alien invasion, 2012, etc, etc, programming making producing another movie to acclimatise us to coming world changes. Strap yourself in for the ride buddy.

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