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because he no-good pink stealing great-great-great granfather was ment to do that to maddame zeroni.

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why was the curse over both green lake and the yes at s lifted by stanley and zeros actions

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cool answer
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can you explain how you know?
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im not sure about that...
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By carrying Hector Zeroni (Zero) up the mountain.

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Q: How did Stanley carrying zero lift the curse?
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How the friendship between Stanley and Zero contribute on breaking the curse in the book Holes?

A Yelnats had to Carrie a Zeroni up the mountain to break the curse, and in fact Stanley was a Yelnats and Zero was a Zeroni, so by carring zero up the mountain Stanley broke the old curse of his dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-grandfather.

Why did camp green lake dry up?

Because of the curse on Stanley yelnats' great great grandfather received for not carrying the old lady up the mountain. That is why when Stanley yelnats the third carried zero (the old ladies great great grandson) up the mountain, the curse was lifted and they found water.

How does Stanley and zero break the curse in holes?

stanleys white whereas zeros a negga

Why is Stanley's father's invention suddenly successful?

It is implied that Stanley broke the family curse created by his great-great-grandfather by carrying Zero up the hill and giving him a drink. His father is said to have invented Sploosh right after the curse had been broken.

What is significance of Zeros real name to Stanley's family history?

Zero's real name, Hector Zeroni, is significant to Stanley's family history because Hector is the descendant of Madame Zeroni, the old woman who cursed Stanley's great-great grandfather. This connects Zero and Stanley through a shared family history and the theme of destiny and redemption. By helping Zero, Stanley ultimately breaks the curse on his family.

How did Stanley escape from the camp in holes?

Yes, Stanley gets out of camp Green Lake because Stanley and Zero had broken the curse, Stanley found buried treasure in a hole witch the leader wanted but it said Stanley's name so it was his and it was clear that Stanley wasn't a theif

What does Stanley learn about himself as they climb the mountain in holes chapter36?

Stanley learns about himself as they climb the mountain by knowing his strength because he is carrying Zero and climbing a mountain. Stanley learns about Zero by knowing he wants a fudge sundae when he gets to the “Italian Restaurant.”

What happened to Zero in the book Holes?

well after zero and Stanley go to find refuge on gods thumb, they break the curse that madam zeroni had put on the yelnats family, so when they went to find the treasure of coarse zero read what the name was and shocked the warden, also saving Stanley from getting accused from what he didnt do again... so in the end zero is a hero because he broke the curse and got Stanley his treasure!

How did the curse begin Holes?

In the book holes Stanley and zero broke the curse by climbing up big thumb, drinking from the stream and eating the sweet onions Elya yelnats was supposed to do this but forgot.

Are Stanley and zero friends?

They are alike in many, many ways! First of all, Stanley is put under a curse from his great-great grandfather, Elya Yelnats whodidn'tcarry Madam Zeroni up a mountain and give her water to drink from the stream. Madam Zeroni put a curse on him and all hisdescendants. In the present day, Stanley carried Zero up a mountain and made him drink from the same stream Elya wassupposed to make Madam Zeroni drink from. The curse broke because Zero was a descendant of Madam Zeroni. Zero is the only reason why Stanley is in Camp Green Lake. Zero was the one who stole Clyde Livingston's shoes. Zero needed shoes to wear, so he stole the shoes, but when the security guards came, Zero threw the shoes in the air and Stanley caught them thinking "it came from the sky". Then he went to Camp Green Lake. There are a lot of more ways and these are only some. Hope this helped!

When Stanley carried zero up the moutain the curse was was broken because?

Zero is madam zeronni's grandson

What does mrsir reaveal to Stanley about his guilt?

Mrs. Sir reveals to Stanley that his family curse is not because of the generations before him. Instead, it is due to his great-great-grandfather Elya Yelnats breaking his promise to Madam Zeroni, leading to the curse being placed on the Yelnats family.