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Stunky isn't exclusive in Pokemon Platinum:

Misdreavus, Murkrow, Glameow, and Stunky are NOT in Pokemon Platinum.

you are wrong they all are in platuinm

actually... they are not in platinum meaning you cannot catch them in platinum but you must trade them from diamond or pearl to get them in platinum. =)

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Q: How do you get a stunky on Pokemon Platinum?
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How do you get a stunky in Pokemon Platinum?

trade with Pokemon Pearl

Can you catch stunky in Pokemon Platinum?

I never saw a wild Stunky in Platinum, but I have in Diamond in the grass under the bicycle road.

How do you get stunky in Pokemon platinum?

u can catch it in route 406

In Pokemon Platinum where do you find stunky?

IT isn't in Platinum you have to trade for it from Global trade or Diamond

How do you catch stunky in Pokemon Platinum?

You can't.You have to trade it from diamond or pearl.

Where do you catch skuntank in Pokemon platinum?

Skuntank is not found in Platinum. It is exclusive to Diamond. (Same applies with Stunky). The only way is to trade a Skuntank or Stunky from Diamond.

What Pokemon are excluded in Pokemon Platinum version?

Mismagius, Honchkrow, Glameow, Purugly, Stunky, and Skuntank.

What type of Pokemon is Stunky?

Stunky is a dark and poison type pokemon.

Where do you get glameow on Pokemon Platinum?

You can't get Glameow in Pokemon Platinum. You can trade it off the GTS or trade it from Pokemon Pearl because you can't get it in Pokemon Diamond either. It's the same with Stunky, Misdreavus and Murkrow.

Where do you catch stunky on Pokemon Pearl?

You can't catch Stunky on Pokemon pearl. Stunky is an exclusive Pokemon, which means it can only be caught in Pokemon Diamond version.

Where do you get a murkrow in Pokemon Platinum?

Murkrow - available only in Pokemon diamond Midreavus - available only in Pokemon pearl Glameow - available only in Pokemon Pearl Stunky - available only in Pokemon Diamond About Platinum? Those 4 are not available in platinum :/// Trade it over or cheats -PokeHelpThatsMe

What Pokemon are there in Pokemon Diamond?

Well if I had time I would list them all out but I don't. So the special Pokemon you can ONLY get in diamond (not in pearl or platinum) are: Murkrow Honchkrow Stunky Skuntank

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