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It is not legal to watch or download films without breaching copyright legislation and committing an illegal crime.

You are however able to purchase the film online for download, on such sites as iTunes. You are also able to purchase a physical copy from (online) shops.

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Q: How do you get eclipse on your computer instead of going to the movies?
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Choose the sentence in which the pronoun is used correctly A Jim an you are going to the movies B Jim and you are going to the movies C Myself and Jim are going to the movies D you and Jim are going t?

B. Jim and I are going to the movies.

In twilight new moon eclipse breaking dawn possible midnight sun is one of the next books or movies going to be ''full moon'' or ''half moon''?

errrr no, only idiots think that

Is eclipse going to be as good as new moon?

yes eclipse is actually better than new moon and the first movie

What type of movie is eclipse going to be?

only the best movie :)

Are they going to film eclipse and beaking dawn together?

No. Eclipse is going to be it's own movie, and then Breaking Dawn may be its own movie again, or split into two. We're not sure yet!

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Are New Moon and Eclipse going to be part of the Twilight movie?

No, it would make the film too long. New Moon and Eclipse are being made into separate movies instead. And Breaking Dawn will be made into two movies.

Is eclipse going to be two movies?

I heard yes

Is the book eclipse going to be two movies?

The movie Eclipse is already out and is one movie.

Are they going to combine breaking dawn and eclipse into 1 movie?

No, they are not. They are going to be 2 separate movies.

Are they going to make new moon and eclipse and breaking dawn into movies?

yes they are.

What new movies are going to come out in 2010?

Eclipse and maybe Breaking dawn

Is Nikki reed going to be in eclipse?

yes. she will continue on in the movies as rosalie hale.

The movie twilight is there going tobe a twilight 2?

Yes there is going to be one. Though, it is not called Twilight 2. Instead it is called Newmoon. Newmoon comes out in the movies on November 20. After Newmoon follows Eclipse and Breaking Dawn. Eclipse will come out in the movies in June 2010 some time. After Breaking Dawn another book called Midnight Sun will come out!

In eclipse and breaking dawn are they really giomg to make the movies both together?

their going to make the movie Eclipse and Breaking Dawn

Who is going to be Edward in eclipse?

Robert Pattinson has signed a contract, in which he agreed to play Edward Cullen for the movies Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse.

How many movies is eclipse going to be in?

1 but breaking dawn is said to be split into 2 parts

Is Deathly Hallows now going to be split into 3 movies instead of 2?

No it will be in two movies.