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Q: How do you play the elevator game?
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How do you get to elevator in hideout on Pokemon LeafGreen?

I play the fire red game. I think it's the same.ELEVATOROn floor 2, go south and the elevator should be in view.Hope this helps!

What to do on a elevator when bored?

Well play a game on your mobile or day dream but you will be there in about 2 mins so really theres no point.

Where is the elevator on Game Show Island?

I don't recall there being an elevator. I think you're confused..

Which sims game do you buy elevator in it?

The Sims game you can buy an elevator in is The Sims 3. To buy an elevator in Sims 3, you have to go to the building section, where you can also purchase stairs and other construction elements.

Who did the bombing in the westing game?

Turtle wexler set of the in the elevator.

What is a rocket key?

The Rocket Key is the Elevator Key that powers the elevator in the Celadon City Rocket Headquarters, under the Game Corner.

Where is the bingo game in the leisure towers in poptropica?

Go to the right of the elevator. Click go right and it should lead you to the bingo room, but you can't play unless have fregleys troll.

What is the code of the elevator in Game Show Island?

the code is 2014 hope this helps

Where is the elevator in Game Show Island on poptropica?

it is on the far left of the factory. in game show island but you need to be careful...

How do you get the elevator code in enter horror land?

You go to the motel and click on the door that's upstairs and when you go there you click on the door that is right on the end of the pasage and when you go inside there you click on the chair and play the game.

Do you get in an elevator or on an elevator?

get in an elevator

Where do you get the CD in wimpy wonderland?

You can win it at the bingo game at Leisure Towers past the elevator.