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In South America, the effects of El Niño are direct and stronger than in North America. An El Niño is associated with warm and very wet summers (December-February) along the coasts of northern Peru and Ecuador, causing major flooding whenever the event is strong or extreme. The effects during the months of February, March and April may become critical. Southern Brazil and northern Argentina also experience wetter than normal conditions but mainly during the spring and early summer. Central Chile receives a mild winter with large rainfall, and the Peruvian-Bolivian Altiplano is sometimes exposed to unusual winter snowfall events. Drier and hotter weather occurs in parts of the Amazon River Basin, Colombia and Central America.

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Q: How does El Nino affect South America?
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What is El Nino and how does it affect South America?

La Nina brings drought to the continent. El Nino on the other hand brings floods, rain, rising rivers and misery.

What is the movement of warm surface water towards the coast of south America known as?

El Nino and El Nina

How can el nino be prevented?

The El Nino can not be prevented. The El Nino bounces from South America across the Pacific Ocean and then across the Indian ocean to Africa and then bounces back to South America. Another name for it is "The southern ocean oscillation."

Where is the el Nino?

Off the western coast of South America.

El nino is?

No, its the warming of the ocean off the western coast of South America

Is el nino person?

No, its the warming of the ocean off the western coast of South America

How does the El Nino and Affect the weather pattern affect the fishing industry of Peru?

La Niña is a climate pattern that describes the cooling of surface ocean waters along the tropical west coast of South America. La Nina is considered to be the counterpart to El Nino, which is characterized by unusually warm ocean temperatures in the equatorial region of the Pacific Ocean.

What country does El Nino affect most?

El nino is a weather pattern that can negatively impact the weather of the areas it affects. El nino typically impacts Mexico and the United States. The part of the world impacted is the Northern and Western Hemispheres.

How does el nino affect hurricans?

El Nino (the warm phase) produces favorable hurricane conditions.

What is causes heavy rains in western south America and lack of rain in other areas?

El nino

Why would the ability to predict the occurrence of El Nino be important for the western coast of South America?


What weather system might be occurring if Australia is experiencing a drought and south America is flooding?

El Nino