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It is 183 miles between Indianapolis, Indiana and Chicago, Illinois.

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It is 791 miles accordng to Google Maps.

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Q: How far is it in a car from Chicago to Indianapolis?
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How far is Chicago from Indianapolis?

About 3 hours

How far is it from Chicago IL to Indianapolis IN?

It is 183 miles according to Google Maps.

How far is Milwaukee from Raleigh?

Milwaukee - Chicago - Indianapolis - Dayton - Charleston - Raleigh (approx. 902 mi.) Milwaukee - Chicago - Indianapolis - Louisville - Charleston - Raleigh (approx. 950 mi.) Milwaukee - Chicago - Toledo - Akron - Charleston - Raleigh (approx. 963 mi.)

How far is ridgewood NJ from Chicago?

its about 4hours in a car i think

Is there another route from Milwaukee to Indianapolis other than through Chicago?

You can take your car on the ferry, to MI, then drive the rest of the way.

How many square miles is Indianapolis Indiana larger than Chicago Illinois?

According to Wikipedia... Indianapolis is 372 square miles and Chicago is 234 square miles. Making Indianapolis approximately 50% larger than Chicago.

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The Indianapolis Colts.

How far is lafayett to Indianapolis?

Indianapolis, IN is 63 miles from Lafayette, IN.

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Indianapolis and Chicago.

A Greyhound bus ticket from Indianapolis to Chicago?

How can I get from Plainfield, Indiana, to Chicago, Il

Where is an Enterprise Rent a Car near the Indianapolis Airport?

There is an Enterprise Rent-a-Car near the Indianapolis Airport. The Enterprise rent a car has an on-site office at the Indianapolis International Airport.

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