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No exact number appears anywhere. But in the show's press kit, it is said. "She believes that she has had "hundreds" of soulmates."

According to the website the girls have slept with 94 men and 1 woman over the 6 seasons. Samantha leads with 41 men and 1 woman, Carrie and Charlotte are in a tie at 18 each and Miranda has 17.

I was looking for this answer all over the internet and no one knew the answer. After watching the entire series, here are you answers!!


Samantha Jones.

Website quoted 41 men and 1 woman, here is the rundown:

1. Capote

2. Barkley

3. Charlotte's Door man

4. Chef Jon

5. Realtor Rick

6. Ken the married guy

7. The guy from Yoga class

8. James

9. William

10. Thor

11. Tug my ear guy aka-Deju F***

12. Brad McCrosky, gay cross dresser name Samantha

13. Harvey Turquel

14. Dominic Dominca

15. Don the Knix fan

16. Mr Too Big

17. Ricky the fireman

18. Shavon

19. 2 am guest

20. Dr Mark with the Viagra

21. Glen Snyder

22. 3 am Guiest

23. John from the Gym

24. Tom

25. Garth the porn star

26. Sebastian

27. Sam Jones

28. Guy during Trani

29. Warren

30. Cab Guy

31. Nick

32. Richard

33. JJ

34. Smith Jared

Referred to in conversation

35. Guy at a party

36. Another guy at another party

37. Window Washer

38. Jazz musician Alex

39. Some kid that turned out to be in Highschool

40. Calvin Klein Model

41. 3 random men she was seen with in the elevator

42. Danny

43. Shawn

44. A bartender

45. "I've had 100s of men and 2 women"

46. And of course, Maria!

Charlotte York McDougall Goldenblat

Website quotes 18 partners, here's the rundown:

1. Brian the sodomy guy

2. Folk artist and Rabbi, referred to as her most impulsive

3. Mike Conway

4. Jack

5. Kevin, who used to date Carrie

6. Mitch Sailor, P****-man

7. Tom

8. Ned the widower

9. Mike

10. Stefan

11. Dr Braham Walker

12. Jason, the kid that gave her crabs

13. Photographer Barret

14. Alexander

15. Trey McDougall

16. Keith

17. Harry Goldenblat

Miranda Hobbs, Esq

Website quotes 17, she admits to 42 partners in season 2, here's the rundown:

1. Skipper

2. Ted, the doctor

3. Thomas John Anderson

4. Eric, referred to as the love of her life

5. Caren Roman, the spring roll guy

6. Josh, referred to as that ophthalmologist she slept with

7. Ethan the pornaholic

8. Steve Brady

9. Jack

10. Simon

11. Detective Stevens

12. Doug

13. Marathon Man

14. Warren

15. Tom

16. Dr Robert Leads

17. David

+2 others while she was calling people regarding Chlamydia

Carrie Bradshaw (Preston)

Website quotes her as having 18 partners, here's the rundown:

1. Kurt

2. Sam the 20 year old

3. Gil

4. Mr Big, John James Preston

5. Ben

6. Seth

7. Jon McAden

8. Von

9. Patrick Casey

10. Shawn the bisexual

11. Aiden Shaw

12. Wade Adams

13. Keith Rogers

14. Ray the ADD Jazz musician

15. Jack Burger

16. Howie

17. Jeremy Wade

18. Aleksander Patrovski

Referred to in conversations:

19. Seth Bateman referred to as her first

20. 1988 TGIF/Saloon Waiter she had an abortion with

21. Danny

YAY! I have no life!

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Q: How many guys has Samantha Jones from sex and the city slept with?
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