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You can buy the new game on amazon for $37.68 The used game is much less and even FIFA 11 for PS2 is under $20 new

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Q: How much will FIFA 10 for ps2 cost?
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How much for a fifa 10 ps2 in India?

2050 rupees

Is fifa 10 coming out for ps2?


Is Ghana on PS2 FIFA 10?


Is fifa 10 coming out on ps2?

I don't think there is a world cup game on the PS2

How can you do upgrade to playstataion FIFA 2009 to be 2010?

You cannot upgrade fifa 09 to fifa 10 or EA Sports would be out of business. if it is for ps3 it will cost about $70 in Canadian Dollars and I don't think they will make it for ps2.Your Welcome

Is fifa 10 out on ps2?

yes mate, it will be released soon.

Can you create your own squad in fifa 10?

it depends if it is on ps2 you can

How do you play FIFA 10 on an old PlayStation 2?

Buy the PS2 version of the game FIFA Soccer 10 for your region

Superstar mode for madden 09 on ps2?

Fifa 09 has no arena mode. Just break your fifa 09 C-D and sleep!

Will FIFA 11 come out on PS2?

Fifa 11 is being released for the ps2 in september. Although most new games concentrate on the ps3, xbox360 and wii, certain games like Fifa will continue to be released for the ps2 as long as there is demand. No online play will be available with the ps2 version though, the same as with Fifa 10.

Did ea sports launch fifa world cup 10 for ps2?


How much does sims 2 pets ps2 cost from the shop game?

it cost about 20 or 10 or in the 20s or in the 10s