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The most likely scenario is that they were from the same Trainer, and didn't have enough time.

The day care man tells how likely an egg is when talked to:

-They prefer other Pokemon- will not ever breed together

-They don't like each other much- possible egg, takes longer

-They seem to get along- very possible egg

Also, the game measures time by in-game steps; instead of just waiting in real time.

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Q: I put a Lucario and a ditto in the pokemon daycare but they never made an egg what happend?
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How do you get a Lucario without evolving rilou?

You can have an egg with a ditto at the Pokemon daycare center with your riolu and evolve that Pokemon into a Lucario.

How do you breed a pokemon with another pokemon to get ariolu in a egg?

Put in a ditto and lucario in the daycare.

How do you get the pre-evolution of Lucario on Pokemon platinum?

Riley on Iron island gives it to you, otherwise you can breed Lucario and ditto in the daycare and get it.

How do you breed a lucario?

It's quite simple really. Put your Lucario into the Daycare with a Ditto, then you will get an Egg. Hatch this egg and you will get a Riolu. Evolve this and you get another Lucario.

If you have Ditto in the daycare with another Pokemon will Ditto forget transform?


What is the action replay cheat code get a female Lucario on Pokemon diamond?

There isn't one. But you could try to obtain a ditto. And breed the lucario with the ditto until, you find a female. Pokemon Master & Lucario Biologist ~Bolt the lucario

How do you get an egg from Ditto?

Put ditto in daycare then, put the Pokemon the should be breeded (Cannot be a legendary Pokemon or ditto)

On Pokemon pearl can you put a male Pokemon in the daycare with a ditto and get an egg?

Just before I figured it out! it is possible! If you don't believe me, put a MALE Lucario in the daycare with a ditto, then, ride your bike up and down the path until the daycare man is facing outwards! I didnt do this with cheats either! The egg hasn't hatched yet so I don't know if it's a Ditto or a Riolu but I will tell you when it hatches! Odviously, it hatched to be a Riolu!

Why if you put Lucario boy and Raichu girl in daycare you always get Pichu?

The offspring of two Pokemon in the daycare will always be the lowest evolution of the female. If you want to make babies of 'male only' Pokemon types (Lucario, that bull one) or non-gendered Pokemon (magna-series, and such) you must use a ditto (from FireRed and LeafGreen, possibly others) as the female.

Can you breed Pokemon with diddo?

Yes, you can breed Pokemon with ditto. Leave ditto with the other Pokemon in the daycare and eventually you will have an egg of the other ditto. If you wanted an egg of ditto though, I don't know but, I think you can leave two dittos in the daycare. You can not breed legendary Pokemon with ditto.

Which Pokemon do you have to breed Lucario with to get a Riolu?

the main pokemon, ditto, or another lucario.

What is the best Pokemon to put in the daycare with shiledon?

a ditto