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you Google cheats for Pokemon diamond and something will pop up

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Q: If you don't need a cheat card for Pokemon Diamond how do you use cheats?
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What is the action replay cheat for get any pokemon cheat for pokemon diamond?

No, but you can get more cheats off the internet and there are a lot of cheats allready on the DS action replay card

Do you HAVE to have a cheat card that is bought in a store to use cheats in Pokemon diamond?

Simple question,no you don't!

How do you use the cheat codes for Pokemon diamond?

you have to buy a game card. you have to buy a game card.

Pokemon Diamond Infinity TM code?

you need an r4 ds card. go to turn on cheats. select game disable and cheat disable to make chaets work it must be DISABLED

What is an action replay code to get a five star Pokemon Diamond trainer card?

realy go to gogle and type all Pokemon diamond action replay cheats there should be all the cheats all your questions will be answared and click the first link.

How do you unjam the locked door in canalave city on Pokemon diamond?

You need to get the member card. which you can't get anymore. Or use cheats.

What cheat do you use to get shiny Pokemon in Pokemon white?

Why is the category Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum xD Cheat? The only cheat for getting any pokemon is the normal way to get shiny pokemon (which isn't even a cheat, lol) and Action Replay. You can get it at Gamestop. It's some cheat card that works up wondersss

If you have a Pokemon card can you download that Pokemon card to your Pokemon Diamond?


Can you jion team galactic in Pokemon diamond.?

Yes, you have to get the golden trainers card or have an action replay and search up a cheat.

How do you walk through walls cheat for Pokemon pearl?

You need to have a special card called S4 (the game has to be in it, it's a storage by an USB.)go to cheats and find and enable it. (You can also find more cheats than that).it may be walk or run,run is only in S4 Upgrade its also for Diamond and Platinum.

Cheats for Pokemon HeartGold?

there are no cheat codes but you can use an action replay from (you need an r4 card or ttds card). some of the cheats include infinite master ball, all shinies and a lot more going to the toilet

What are the Pokemon cheat codes for platinum version?

well there is lots of cheats such as infinitie rare candy etc i reccomend you having an Ar or cheat code card. Then go to youtube and just type it in