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No she marries Edward but don't worry Jacob finds his true love in the end but Edward and Bella aren't to happy about who it is. (Their kid)

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Q: In Breaking Dawn does Bella Swan marry Jacob Black in the end?
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Who does Bella marry in Breaking Dawn?

she marries edward and Jacob comes to their wedding

Is Bella going to marry Jacob or Edward?

Bella marries Edward in Breaking Dawn. Then Bella has a baby, Jacob imprints her baby, Jacob and Bella's baby fall in love later on and they get married.

What is Breaking Dawn supposed to be like?

Breaking Dawn will be all about how Bella and Edward marry, about their baby, and how Bella turns into a vampire, and the story about Jacob and Renesme.

Does Jacob marry Bella in the series?

no Jacob does not marry Bella. Edward marrys Bella but Jacob has a imprint on edward and Bella child renesmee

Who will Jacob Black marry in the upcoming movie?

bella and edwards daughter

Who does Jacob Black marry?

he ends up marrying Renesme. Which is Bella and Edwards daughter.

What happen to Jacob Black when bella married edward?

When Bella marries Edward Jacob decides to marry Bella's kid. She is Renesmee and Jacob takes care of her from small days, so that he can imprint on her some day. :)

Does Jacob marry Bella?


What does Bella learn in eclipse?

Bella Learns that she has to chose between Jacob black and Edward and she as to make the right on and decides if to marry Edward.

Will Bella marry Edward or Jacob?

All I am going to say is that there is a wedding in Breaking Dawn. You will just have to read the books and find out.(s-nsadjo)___________________________________________________________________________Bella will marry Edward in Breaking Dawn. Bella loves Jacob as well but her love forEdward is greater. She an Edward honeymoon on an island off the coast of Brazil. She loves Jacob as family and possibly as a son in law. You will understand this in Breaking Dawn.(User:Maddyline1998)

Does Jacob marry Bella's baby in the breaking dawn?

No. Jacob imprints on Renesmee (Bella's baby) but the book ends before Renesmee has gained full maturity. It is not set in stone that Jacob and Renesmee will marry, but it seems very likely as they are very close and the bond between them is extremely strong due to the imprinting which has occurred.

Twilight do Bella and Jake marry?

Bella and Jake do not marry. Bella and Edward get married in Breaking Dawn the last in the series.

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