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"white trash with mustangs and madras"

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Q: In the book the outsiders how did pony boy describe socs?
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In the book outsiders did pony boy get jumped in the first chapter?

They were Socs.

When did pony get jumped by the Socs in the outsiders?

because he was different

What does pony think darry will be on day in the outsiders?

Pony thinks Darry could be a "socs" if it wasn't for the gang.

Who rumbles in the book the outsiders?

The Socs and the Greasers.

How many socs came after pony boy and johnny in the park the outsiders chapter 4?


What is the problem of The Outsiders?

****CONTAINS SPOILERS.******The greasers and the socs are always fighting,and into the middle of the book Ponyboy comes home really early andDarry and Pony' start fighting, Darry hits pony and pony runs away,The main problem is they are not on the inside......

What are the cliques of the book the outsiders?

Socs( like socialites) and greasers.

In the book the outsiders who was wrong in the situation chapter 4?

the socs

Explain why The Outsiders book is better?

The outsiders book is better because it is like the life for teens now and that there's groups like from the outsiders greasers, socs, etc.

How many Socs were there to fight and how many greasers were there for the rumble?

In the Outsiders, the Greasers scared the Socs and won the rumble.

What are the two boyfriend-girlfriend relationship of the socs in the book The Outsiders?

Jenessa sanchez

What is the other name of the other greeser gang in the book the outsiders?

Greasers and the Socs