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no, it z not a true story. the on;y fact in that movie z that South Africa won the 1995 Rugby world cup

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Q: Is Invictus a true story
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What is was the point of rugby in the movie Invictus?

the film was about the rugby world cup and how it bought balck people and white people together... true story

What are the release dates for Band of Gold The Invictus Story - 1999 TV?

Band of Gold The Invictus Story - 1999 TV was released on: USA: September 1999

What book was the movie out of Africa based on?

Isak Dinesen wrote the book Out of Africa in 1937. She was married in Mombasa.

What is invictus about?

The poem Invictus is about Jack Stankovic...

When was Invictus created?

Invictus was created in 1875.

When was Invictus Records created?

Invictus Records was created in 1968.

When did Invictus Records end?

Invictus Records ended in 1973.

What is Invictus Games's population?

Invictus Games's population is 50.

When was Invictus Games created?

Invictus Games was created in 1992.

What was the Production Budget for Invictus?

The Production Budget for Invictus was $49,000,000.

When was Invictus released?

Invictus was released on 12/11/2009.

What are the similarities between anthem and invictus?

The protagonists of both anthem and invictus can be described as unconquerable. Invictus also means unconquerable.