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Q: Is KFC chicken halal in Jamshedpur India?
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Is KFC's popcorn chicken halal?


Is Kentucky Fried Chicken halal?

In general, KFC's chicken is not Halal. However, depending on your location in the world, some KFC's have been known to cater for the local Islamic population by ensuring the chicken sold in that individual KFC is Halal.Normally though, the KFC would advertise if their chicken was Halal.

Is KFC halal in hyderabad?

Yes. We wrote to customer support for KFC) and got the reply that it is halal an they do have halal certificate at there outlet which can be produced at request. They told that the vendors that they use are Godrej and venky's.

Is the chicken sold in KFC outlets Chennai halal?


Is the meat provided in KFC chicken center in Chandigarh halal?

As the suppliers of the chicken in Bangalore are Muslim, it is assumed the meat sold there is Halal. When in doubt, asking the manager of the outlet will help. You can assume that the name of Allaah has been said over this meat and to be extra cautious you may also praise Allaah prior to consuming this meal. This Tasmiyah will suffice when in doubt.

Is KFC halal meat in the Philippines?

its NOT Halal. Some branches only. Simple rule of thumb. Always ask the Manager, (not the staff, mostly they have no idea), "Is your chicken Halal". If yes, Which menu food is Halal. (By the way, mostly people think since its Chicken it should be halal. NO. Halal means, that chicken MUST be slaughtered by a Muslim who also MUST say a prayer before slaughtering it.)

Is kfc chicken is halal in guwahati assam?

the workers take the chiken from local vendors. so i dont think it is 100% halal

Is KFC chicken in srilanka halal?

yes all chicken, ingredients, condiments and additives at KFC Sri Lanka are certified halaal by the local Halaal certification body ACJU

Who supply KFC chicken in India?


Is the meat provided in KFC chicken center in Pakistan halal?

So here's something you should know about KFC. They torcher the kitchen and like throw it against walls and stuff. They also trap the chicken from fresh air and food so they end up eating each other. I actually saw this on tv. So it's your choice.

In new york is KFC halal?

There is one partial halal outlet in Brooklyn, NY. Only fried chicken and grilled chicken is halal. Sandwiches, strips and popcorn chicken is not. Halal certificate available upon request. Located on McGuiness Boulevard between Greenpoint and Calyer. Phone: (718) 383-6666 (Source:

Is KFC chicken is halal in UAE?

It is halal if slaughtered according to Islam rules even if imported from australia, brazil, new zealand, holland, etc. The KFC workers should be asked on that before buying from them.