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The surface of Hudson River in the vicinity of Manhattan froze 3 times in written history, 1821, 1780 and 1720, according to I.N. Phelps Stokes's ''Iconography of Manhattan Island.''

The surface further upstream would completely freeze but for icebreaker ships that keep the waters open for commercial traffic.

It is unlikely the Hudson would ever freeze completely as it is salty near it's mouth and upwards of forty-five feet deep.

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Q: Is it true that the Hudson River can never freeze completely?
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Why does a river never freeze?

it does:).

What body of water is named after Henry Hudson?

Seriously? You've never heard of the Hudson River?

Does the Hudson river go through Canada?

The Hudson River starts in the Adirondack Mountains in New York State and flows south to New York Harbor. It never enters Canada.

Did the Amazon River freeze over?

Never. The Amazon river is placed on a tropical rain forest which is warm all the time.

What did Henry Hudson accomplish or did not accomplish?

Accomplished: Henry Hudson is credited for discovering New York, and he discovered the Hudson River, and so it was named after him. Not Accomplished: Henry Hudson went on his voyage to find a passage through North America to Asia, but never found one.

What river crossing Saskatchewan and Manitoba to empty into Hudson Bay?

The river made by my erotic love juices that swiftly flow into the deep canals of love and never return.

When did Henry Hudson get to the Americas?

Hudson never reached the Americas.

What are Henry Hudson's amazing feats?

Henry Hudson was an early explorer of the Americas. He is best known for his attmpts to find a route (Northwest Passage) to China by going above Canada and Alaska and traveling through the arctic region. On his last voyage his crew mutinied, setting him and his family adrift. They were never heard from again. He also explored around what is New York today. The Hudson River is named for him as is Hudson Bay

THREE statements that are true of Henry Hudson?

He claimed New York Harbor and the Hudson River for the Dutch He sailed to North America four times. He never found a waterway through North America

Hudson explored all the following except?

If you just thought about it, it would present itself... but the answer is Arctic Ocean, because he had to explore the Hudson Bay, it was a bay named after Henry Hudson! St. Lawrence River had many reference to Henry Hudson exploration! And Henry Hudson never really had any reason to explore the Arctic Ocean!

Was Lake Tahoe ever completely frozen?

No, Lake Tahoe has never completely frozen over. It is to large a body of water (about 40 trillion gallons) for the core temperature to get low enough to freeze. On occasion, Emerald Bay will freeze over which is attached by a narrow, shallow opening.

What happened to Henry Hudson after his discovery of the Hudson River?

Henry Hudson (1570?-1611) returned to the Netherlands after his exploration of Delaware Bay and the Hudson River in 1609. On his final voyage, in 1610, he sailed north past Baffin Island and discovered Hudson Bay. But his ship was trapped by ice for the winter, and his crew mutinied, taking the ship and leaving Hudson, his son, and some crewmen in a small boat. They were never seen again and almost certainly died within a few weeks in the frigid climate.

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