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No, the Bill of Rights is not in the Declaration of independence. It is a series of amendments to the US Constitution.

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Q: Is the Bill of Rights in the Declaration of Independence?
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What was passed four years after the constitutional convention ensuring individual rights?

Declaration of Independence Bill of Rights not the Declaration of Independence.

What documents are on display at the National Archives in Washington D.C?

US Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, legal documents.

Is the declarion of independence part of Bill of Rights?

yes and no the bill of rights was based off of the declaration of independence

Was the Declaration of Independence or the Bill of Rights more influential of the framing of our Constitution and why?

The Declaration of Independence was written before the Constitution and the Bill of Rights was written after the Constitution, so when it comes to the influence on the writing of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights cannot be the correct answer. Therefore, the correct answer is the Declaration of Independence.

How is the bill of rights and the Declaration of Independence the same?

The Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independence are two separate and distinct documents. The Declaration of Independence explains why it had become necessary for the United States of America to declare its independence from England. The Bill of Rights listed a number of things that congress can not do. There is a connection. After the first four long sentences, The Declaration of Independence contains a bill of particulars. Some of the issues in the bill of particulars are in the bill of rights. You can download the entire Declaration and the entire Constitution and compare the bill of particulars with the Constitution.

Did the Declaration of Independence include the bill of rights?

yes it did Well also the declaration of independence has the three rights 1)Life 2)Liberty 3)Pursuit of happiness Bill of rights it is the first amendment of the Virginia Declaration of rights

Is the US Bill of Rights apart of the declaration of independence?


Where is the Bill of Rights kept?

The Bill of Rights, the Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution are all stored in Independence Hall. (in Washington D.C.)

What is the purpose of basic human rights in the declaration of independence?

No,It's in the BILL OF RIGHTS

What similarities do the bill of rights and the declaration of independence to the French declaration?

The Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen, was modeled in part on the American Declaration of Independence. All men, the French declaration announced, were "born and remain free and equal in rights."

Was the Bill of Rights written before the Declaration of Independence?

no of course not

Where did legislator's ideas for the Bill of Rights come?

legislators took ideas from he state ratifying conventions, the Virginia declaration of rights, english Bill of Rights, and the Declaration of Independence to make sure that the abuses listed in the declaration of independence would be illegal under the new government. hope this helped! =]