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THERE IS NOT ansered by HunterChrishtian

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Q: Is there a Pokemon Platinum US action replay code for 999 Stats and pp?
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How do you get your Pokémon's stats to 999 in Pokemon Platinum?

Use action replay.

Action replay max stats for all Pokemon for Pokemon platinum?

get pokesav at

How do you get arceus in platinum with full stats?

Action Replay or Pokésav.

Is ther an action replay code for electivire in Pokemon platinum?

yup, tell me what you want, like moves, stats, etc... I can make on for you

Is their a way to get your Pokemon stats to 999?

Yes you can only in action replay and if u dont got action replay no

How do you make all stats 999 pokemon white?

Action replay or hacks.

How do you stop the effects of action replay on firered?

You can stop temporary effects by removing the Action Replay. If you have modified your Pokemon's stats, though, you will have to modify the stats back to their original values.

Pokemon platinum action replay code for a Pokemon with max eves i don't want 999 stats i want a legit ev trained Pokemon code automatic?

When the game comes out, it will be NerdVana for Hackers. It should be out by the end of the release day.

Is there an action replay code for 999 stats for all Pokemon for Pokemon pearl?

yes .... you just have to find it

Is their a cheat for contests in Pokemon pearl?

Only if you have an action replay there are codes that max out stats etc.

Pokemon pearl action replay codes for shadow lugia with max stats in slot 1?

yes you need an action replay the code is f667321 45f667321 d20000000 not sure if it works my freind gave it to me but i dont have action replay ds (that did not work!)

A pokesav genarated mewthree action replay code for Pokemon platinum?

That is not true, when you change a Pokemon sprite in a hack it'll replace the current Pokemon they changed. Let's say, Loudred is replaced by Mewthree. If you traded it over to a game that is NOT hacked. Then it'll be a Loudred with moves, ability, and stats that is probably not learn able.