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The first occurrence of the multiple repeated knocks appears in Series 1 Episode 10 - The Loobenfeld Decay:

Sheldon: (Knock, knock, knock, knock) Leonard, (Knock, knock, knock, knock) Leonard, (Knock, knock, knock, knock) Leonard...

Sheldon: (Knock, knock, knock, knock) Penny, (Knock, knock, knock, knock) Penny, (Knock, knock, knock, knock)Penny, (door opens) Good morning.

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Season 3, Episode 22: The Staircase Implementation

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Q: On which episode of The Big Bang Theory did Sheldon first make his signature knock on Penny's door?
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The Big Bang Theory episode where Sheldon Cooper plays the theremin is entitled The Bus Pants Utilization.

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It was an actor

What was sheldon's name in World of Warcraft?

In the World of Warcraft episode of "The Big Bang Theory", Sheldon's name was Sheldor.

In which episode of The Big Bang Theory does Sheldon go to jail?

In Season 3, episode 16 on the episode entitled The Excelsior Aquisition, Sheldon goes to jail for contempt of court after insulting the judge while fighting a traffic ticket.

Big bang theory sheldon in Darth Vader helmet and choking lenard?

Uh.... I don't understand your question. I don't remember an episode of "The Big Bang Theory" in which Sheldon and Leonard did that to each other.

Will Sheldon on Big Bang Theory ever get physical with Amy?

Yes, in the episode, The Opening Night Excitation, the eleventh episode of the ninth season

What episode of The Big Bang Theory do Penny and Sheldon get high?

episode 8, season 3, 'The Adhesive Duck Deficiency'

What is the big bang theory episode where penny gives sheldon a Christmas gift?

"The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis" Season 2, Episode 11

In which episode of 'The Big Bang Theory' does Sheldon get a gift from Penny with something signed by Leonard Nimoy?

That's the season 2 Christmas episode, and the first Big Bang Theory Christmas episode. The episode number is 11 and the name is "The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis"

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You're probably thinking of Episode 2 of Season 4, "The Cruciferous Vegetable Amplification."

What is the name of the episode of the big bang theory where Howard is making a chemical reaction and it's about to explode and hides in the elevator before Sheldon finds him?

Bing Bang Theory*** not band

What episode of big bang theory does sheldon strip for cancer?

Sheldon never strips for cancer on The Big Bang Theory. However in the episode The Pants Alternative, Sheldon becomes nervous about having to give an acceptance speech for an award and Penny gives him some champagne. He then gets up to receive the award, tells some off-color jokes then proceeds to remove his pants, which is later revealed by a YouTube video the morning after.