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Q: The Outsiders how do they find the church chapter 4?
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What chapter of the book did johnny stabbed bob in the story The Outsiders?

The chapter Johnny stabbed Bob in the novel in the outsiders is Chapter 4

When does Bob die in The Outsiders?

Chapter 4

Do the greasers in the outsiders portray anti-social behaviour?

Yes, I think it's when pony boy and Johnny sit in the back of the church in chapter......4

In the book the outsiders who was wrong in the situation chapter 4?

the socs

How may it foreshadow future events in the outsiders book?

how does the setting foreshadow the events in chapter 4 in the outsiders

Who suddenly appears as Johnny and Pony are talking in chapter 4 the outsiders?

The Soc's

How many socs came after pony boy and johnny in the park the outsiders chapter 4?


How many times is the word Church after Revelations 4?

The word Church is not found after chapter 4 in the Book of Revelation

What is an original title for chapter 4 and 5 in outsiders?

Run, Hide and Take a swim. I used it.

What major events happened in chapter 2 The Outsiders?

The major events happened in chapter 5 in the outsiders are at an abandoned church in Windrixville when Ponyboy, Johnny and Dally hid there and Dairy Queen when they ate their food by buying them with Dally's money.

Good title for chapter 4 of the outsiders?

Not ALL chapters need titles but... Maybe, "The jumping" or "Jumped" Would be good. :D Ok bye

What is being foreshadowed in chapter 4 of The Outsiders with Johnny's cigarette amber and the creepy feeling Ponboy gets in church?

Pony Boy waking up and being in a panic because Johnny is gone could be seen as foreshadowing of Johnny's predicament. Pony Boy's thoughts were that something had already happened to Johnny on page 69 in the Outsiders.