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there is no movie sequel to it. but there is a manga sequel it is called RETURN TO THE LABYRINTH. there are very little sites that have it though.

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Q: Was a sequel to the movie Labyrinth ever made?
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Will they make A Sequel to the Labyrinth Movie?

The creators of the film are currently working on the sequal to The Dark Crystal. They have said that when they were done they would consider a sequal to Labyrinth. For an unnofficial sequal look for "Return to the Labyrinth" a manga book series by TokyoPop

When is The Powerpuff Girls Movie 2 come out or when was it made?

There is no sequel to The PowerPuff Girls Movie, nor is there any evidence there will ever be.

Is there a seconded Labyrinth movie to follow on from the first?

No, a part 2 was never made for the movie Labyrinth. However a Japanese Manga was written called 'Return To Labyrinth.'

When was the movie labyrinth made?

If you are reffering to Labyrinth with David Bowie then 1986.

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Are they casting for battle of the labyrinth?

There most likely is going to be a battle of the labyrinth movie, probably after the sea of monsters and the titans curse,,,,they already made a lightning thief though

Is there a sequel to the movie he's just not into you?

The movie he's just not that into has no planned sequels. Given the amount of money it brought in though it would not be surprising if there was a sequel made in the future.

Is there a sequel of the Rigoletto movie?

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