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It is called corporal punishment. Capital punishment is execution. That would be a little harsh for bad students

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Q: Was spanking in school called capital or corporal punishment?
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What is a corporal punishment stick called?

switch; cane

What part of speech is the word capitalize?

"Capital" is primarily a noun, but it is also used as a so-called "substantive adjective", as in "capital punishment."

Can you give a sentence with the word corporal?

(Corporal - noun, a military rank - adjective, pertaining to the physical body) Examples : The private reported to the corporal that he was being fired upon. Corporal punishment of school children is now mostly illegal. Medieval villagers believed that evil spirits could take corporal form, and feared strangers.

Should polygamists discipline their child by spanking?

In the United States, parents have the right to determine whether spaking is a proper form of punishment for their children, regardless of their sexual or religious practices. However, laws dictate that if the spanking leaves a mark, it may be called child abuse and could get the parent in trouble.

Why do teachers smack their students in Samoa?

It's called discipline. If the child misbehaves, they get hit to put them in check. I don't even know if they still do that. The Samoan government are working to ban corporal punishment in schools. I attended school in Samoa and the teachers in high school dont use corporal punishment. Only the ones in primary schools. It's disgusting & very sad and should be STOPPED!

What are the titles of some parenting videos about the pros and cons of spanking?

Online there are the videos called "Pros and Cons of Spanking Your Child", "Spanking Your Kids: Discipline or Abuse", and "Spanking And Child Discipline-The Pros And Cons".

Can drawing- and- quartering be allowed as a form of capital punishment?

I suppose it depends on which country you might be in. But in the U.S., Europe, and most of the so-called "civilized" world it is considered to be "cruel and unusual punishment."

What is the name of the document that the bishops wrote relating to Capital Punishment?

The name this document is called "A Culture of Life and the Penalty of Death".

What does is a person called when it slaps people in the butt?


Why don't they kill people who kill others?

We do. It's called capital punishment. Experts say the death penalty does not deter murder.

Why is it called spanking the monkey?

because you spank a MONKEY!

Are you allowed to hit your son or daughter?

NO! Hitting your son, or your daughter, or anyone else is called battery. Battery is a crime in all fifty states and in most other jurisdictions. It is generally chargeable as a felony. Some states carve out exceptions for "corporeal punishment" (i.e. spanking), but in general, it is neither legal, nor acceptable to go around hitting people, especially children, and doing so is an invitation for the department of children's services to visit you regularly. Yes it is OK to spank, or use corporal punishment on your children (my son is a police officer and we have spoken about this MANY times) it is NOT OK to abuse or beat your children!