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There were no blacks that had important leadership roles in the early US.

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Q: Were there Black Leaders before George Washington was President?
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What job did George Bush have before becoming president?

President Bush was the governor of Texas.

Who was the President during the time slavery existed?

There were many, starting with George Washington and ending with Abraham Lincoln. Slavery was institutionalized even well before that, and was one of the major economical resources for the Americas (manual labor for plantations).

Who is a person who lived before the 1800s?

christopher Columbus, George Washington, Abe Lincoln, king Ramses etc.

Who was the first movie star to be put on a postage stamp?

Martha Washington, wife of President George Washington.

Who was few weeksold himand his mother got kidnapped?

George Washington Carver was born into slavery. When George was only a week old, he, a sister, and his mother were kidnapped. His mother and sister were never seen again--NOTE, no where does it say she was sold into slavery, and in fact, she had already been a slave before the kidnapping! Soon after the kidnapping, George was found and ransomed, and was raised by his mother's former owner, Moses Carver. This occurred in Arkansas during the Civil War (1864 or 1865) when slavery was still practiced in the South. George Washington Carver later distinguished himself as an innovative scientist.The sad truth about this is that there were many cases of of women with newborns (especially male babies) or children being kidnapped with their mothers in European colonization of Africa and throughout history.If you are looking for some incident other than George Washington Carver, you will have to be more specific when asking a new question.NOTE: Some people have INCORRECTLY STATED that Booker T. Washington was this person. This info is completely wrong! Read this answer for more details:Were_Booker_T_Washington_and_his_mother_kidnapped_when_he_was_just_a_few_weeks_oldNOTE TO SUPERS: Please leave George Washington Carver questions as Alts to this question.George Washington Carver

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Who was the 1st ever president in the world?

George Washington was the first president in the world. Their were many other political leaders in other countries before him, but he was the first to go by "President". Not King, Ruler, Silver Back, Director, or Alpha Male.

Who was the president of the US prior to 1732 before George Washington?

George Washington was the first

What George Washington did before president?

he was a soldier

What jobs did George Washington have before he became president?

Before George Washington was President he was the top general in the Continental Army. George Washington was a farmer and surveyor.

Who was the president directly before George Washington?

George Washington was the first president of the United States. This is why he is refered to as "The father of the country."

Was there a war going on when George Washington was president?

George Washington was an army general during the revolutionary war before he was elected president

What did George Washington do before any other president?

became president

Which president was a land surveyor before becoming president?

George Washington

What job did Washington have before he became president?

George Washington was a planter, a surveyor, and general of the army before he became president.

What happened before John Adams was president?

Before John Adamns was president George Washington was president.

Who was John Adams predecessor?

George Washington was the President before John Adams but John was George's Vice President.

What is George Washington time line to be president?

George Washington was the first president of the United States. He was president from 1789 to 1797, which was before the White House was built.