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Q: What a lucrative trade connected the Philippines with china India and the rest Southeast Asia long before the west came to colonize the region?
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Why did the americans colonize the Philippines?

The Americans wanted to colonize the Philippines because they have a deal or the treaty of Paris with the Japanese who sell the country to them

Why did Japan colonize the Philippines?

The Japanese began to colonize the Philippines because they were running out of space and resources. Their country is four big islands that were recently formed by volcanoes, meaning that they have limited mineral and metal resources. This forced the Japanese to colonize and attempt to take over other nations, such as the Philippines, which has a number of these resources. Also, the Philippines serves as a gateway to conquer Southeast Asia, which Japan proceeded to do once the Philippines were conquered.

How many years did the American colonize the Philippines?

The Americans colonized the Philippines for about 33-40 years.

Motivated of Japanese to colonize the Philippines?

for control of shipping lanes.

Why America colonize the Philippines?

Because they want our Natural Resources.

What is the tool used by the Spaniards to colonize the Philippines?

The cross and sword

What country in southeast Asia did the US colonize?

the east country of india in your mama

The primary european country to colonize southeast asia in the late 1800s was?

great britain

What are the pacification techniques used by the American to colonize Philippines?

the pacification techniques of american

What country did people colonize and rule Southeast Asia?

Great Britain, Spain, and mainly China.

Why Philippines is profoundly influenced by scholasticism?

Because it was their ignorance that enable the Spanish Missionaries to colonize the Philippines for 333 yrs. "No More to Ignorance"

Why filipino colonize the Philippines easily?

Because of the geographical position of every island in the Philippines. They were also lacked in communication, knowledge and battle equipments.