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People from Spain are called Spanish spaeking Natives and people from Natives lands are called Natives, Indians, or there initial tribe name.

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Q: What are Spanish and Native American people called?
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Whose native language is Spanish?

People from Spain, most Latin American countries, and Equatorial Guinea have Spanish as their native language.

What people were living in Florida when spanish explorers came?

Native American

Irish and native American what would they be called?

A person of Irish and Native American heritage is called a mestizo. Mestizos are racially mixed people of European and Native American descent.

What was the aggressive Native American people who occupied the valley of Mexico when the Spanish arrived?

The Aztecs.

How is a citizen of Spain called?

The natives of Spain are called Spaniards. In Spanish: español for men española for women

What kind of people are mainly in Central America?

Ethnically, most people of Central America are a mix of Native American, white (Spanish) and African ethnic groups, at varying degrees. Also, interracial marriages were common during colonial times, resulting in the Mestizo race. Hence, particular racial boundaries are blurred at best. Some examples are provided:Guatemala: Mestizo (mix of Spanish and Native American) 60%, Native American 40%.Nicaragua: Mestizo 69%, Spanish 17%, African 9%, Native American 5%Panama: Mestizo 70%, Native American 20%, Spanish 10%

What is the heritage of most of Colombia's people?

Mestizos, those people of European (probably Spanish) and Native American ancestry.

Aggressive Native American people who occupied the valley of Mexico when the Spanish arrived were?

It was the Aztec civilization.

What do you called people who are Mixed race black and American Indian?

People of mixed Native American and Spanish parentage were called mestizos. The feminine form, mestiza, would be used when speaking only of women. The masculine form, mestizo, would be used when speaking of men only, or of both men and women, or of mixed race people in general. Collectively the people formed by unions of Spanish and indigenous peoples are sometimes called "La Raza."

Why did the Spanish force the timucuan to leave Florida?

the Spanish people force them to leave because they did not talk their talk. but they were native Americans.A native american has a group.Each group has it's talk.

What were large communities used by spanish priest to impose catholic faith and spanish culture upon native American people?


How would a Spanish priest convince a native American to go live in a mission?

they are used to communicate with people