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Santa's Little Helper is a greyhound.

Homer and Bart obtained him at the greyhound races when he was rejected for being a loser. It was Christmas Eve and Homer didn't have enough money to buy presents. So he did the sensible thing, he went to the racetrack to try to win the money. You know how that turned out. As the now penniless Homer and Bart return to their car in the parking lot, they find the rejected dog and decide to bring him home as the family gift. That is how they got the dog and how the dog got his name.

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Simpsons bart's dog is santa's little helper

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Santa's Little Helper was the dogs name when he was a racing greyhound before The Simpsons adopted him

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Q: What breed of dog is Santa's Little Helper?
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What is the name of the dog from simpsons?

santas little helper

What is simpson's dog name?

Santa's little helper. (strange isn't it)

What was the name of the pet dog on simpsons?

Santas Little Helper

What was Bart simpsons pet dog named?

Bart's dog is called Santa's Little Helper. Funny name!

What did the simpsons get for there 1st Christmas?

A dog named santas little helper

When Homer Simpson's Christmas bonus does not appear what present does he bring home to his family?

Santas Little Helper. Their Dog

Who is santas little helper?

elves callled elve1 elve2 and it carrys on like that merry christmas On the TV show "The Simpsons", the family god is named "Santa's Little Helper".

What Simpsons episode does Santas little helper fall in love and they have puppies?

Santas Little Helper has fathered puppies in 2 episodes. "Two Dozen and One Greyhounds" in which he fathered 25 puppies, and "Today I am a Clown" in which he fathered at least 8 Puppies with Dr. Hibberts dog "Rosa Barks". The 2nd litter of puppies was mostly given away to townspeople among springfield.

In the simsons who or what is santa little helper?

Santa's Little Helper - is the name of The Simpson's dog.

Does Santa have a dog?

Yes he does. His name is Jingles. I have seen him. he's a golden retriever. you are wrong wiki user. i live in the north pole. in the city of rovaniemi.

What is Homer Simpsons favorite animal?

I think the Dog on Simpsions is a whippet because of the skinniness and the fact it is short in stature.various is an option.Answer:Santa's Little Helper is a Greyhound. See the link below.

Is santans little helper scary?

By "Santans little helper", do you mean "Santa's little helper"? If so, he isn't! Atleast in my opinion. He is just the Simpson's dog.