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The Byzantine Empire was the predominantly Greek-speaking continuation of the Roman Empire during Late Antiquity and the middle Ages. The laws that influenced the modern legal codes dates further back to the Babylonian empire and that is the Hammurabi code of law.

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Q: What byzantine legal code influenced modern law?
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The consolidated all the laws of the Byzantine Empire and influenced Western legal systems for centuries.?

Justinian Code

What do the Jewish ten commandments and the code of Justinian have in common?

Both influenced modern day legal systems

Hammurabis code has influenced your justice system?

It did not influenced the justice system. The legal code that influenced the justice system was "Justinian's code"

When the laws of the Byzantine legal systems were rewritten they were called?

Justinian Code

What has jutinian's code affected the modern world?

Justinian's Code, also known as the Code of Justinian, had a significant impact on modern legal systems by serving as a basis for many European legal codes. It influenced concepts of justice, property rights, and individual rights that are still relevant today. The Code played a key role in shaping the development of Western legal systems.

Who expanded rome's early written laws into a legal code whihc has influenced the laws of most western countries?

The Twelve Tables, which were expanded by Appius Claudius in 451-450 BC, formed the earliest known Roman legal code. These laws influenced the development of legal systems in Western countries, laying the foundation for modern legal principles and practices.

Justinian was the ruler of the Byzantine Empire from 527 A.D. until 565 A.D. He contributed to the field of law by creating the Justinian Code. The Justinian Code was significant because?

it preserved Roman laws and influenced legal systems of the Middle Ages.

When the laws of the Byzantine legal system were rewritten, they were called?

The laws of the Byzantine legal system were rewritten under the Emperor Justinian I and the reformed code was called the "Codex Justinianus." It was one of the four parts of the Corpus Juris Civilis, a comprehensive compilation of Roman laws.

What was the name of the legal code created for the byzantine empire by Justinian?

The Codex Justinian, which was the body of civil law.

What are two early legal systems that have influenced the development of your laws?

Two early legal systems that have influenced the development of modern laws are the Code of Hammurabi from ancient Mesopotamia and Roman law. The Code of Hammurabi is one of the earliest known written legal codes, emphasizing the principle of "an eye for an eye." Roman law, particularly the Justinian Code, contributed to the development of concepts such as civil rights and property rights that are still influential today.

What was Justinian code of law?

The Justinian Code of Law consisted of a number of laws developed during the supervision of Emperor Justinian I. The â??Code mainly consisted of collections of past laws and opinions compiled in four books. Also included were Justinian's new laws as well.

Who created a legal code in Rome?

The legal code of Rome was comprised and authorized by Emperor Justinian I. The code was made up of over a thousand years of doctrines and remained i effect until the Byzantine era.