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Vichy France was the small puppet state that Germany set up to get France to think they were free. However, this plan back fired as the people of Vichy France rebelled against Germany in France and Africa. After D-Day all forces joined up with US and British Armies to defeat Hitler. Until D-Day though they did not have a big impact in France and barely managed to keep Africa From Germany and Italy until US and British Forces Arrived.

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Q: What did Vichy France have to do with World War 2?
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What did philippe petain do in World War 2?

Leader of Vichy France .

What was the provisional capital of France during World War 2?

Vichy, France was the provisional capital of France during World War 2. More:

What was the significance of Vichy in World War 2?

The town of Vichy in France was the headquarters of the puppet French Government which was loyal to Germany.

Were there any US black soldiers in France in Vichy France during world war 2?

not likely

Which country is the Vichy government who collaborates with the Nazis during World War 2?


How did roosevelt deal with France during world War 2?

Through negotiation with the Vichy Government.

What countries were Illinois's enemies during World War 2?

Germany, Italy, Japan, Vichy France.

How did Roosevelt deal with France at the beginning of World War 2?

He dealt with them through negotiations with the Vichy Government! : )

Provisional capital of France during the German occupation in world war ii?

The provisional capital of France during the German occupation in World War 2 was Vichy. The government there is now known as the Vichy Government and is regarded as an illegitimate group of Nazi collaborators.

Who was in France side in war world 2?

France was technically on the Allied side. Germany invaded France, and some French, called the Vichy were German collaborators

What places did Vichy control during World War 2?

Germany conquered France in 1940, but didn't occupy all of it; "Unoccupied France" was a German "puppet" state ruled from the city of Vichy, France. Vichy controlled the remainder of France as well as some of the French colonies in North Africa, such as Casablanca.

How many people and soldiers died in Vichy France during World War 2?

too many to count.. lol