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They eat Springbox, Gazelle and, Kob. They also eat hyanes. This is just some of the things that the African Hunting Dogs eat.

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they usually hunt in packs and hunt for deer zebras a

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Mainly antelope, like gazelle, and wildebeeste.

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Q: What do African hunting dogs eat?
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Do hunting dogs eat meat or plants?

Hunting dogs eat meat.

What are impalas predotors?

lions, hyenas, African wild dogs, African hunting dogs, African wild dogs, leopards and cheetahs

Where African hunting dogs live?

In Africa

Is African hunting dog a vertebrate?

the dogs do have backbones

What are African hunting dogs also known as?

African hunting dogs have many names, the most common being African wild dogs or African hunting dogs. they are also known as Cape Hunting dogs and Painted dogs. In England they are called Painted wolves, in the Afrikaans language, Wildehond and in Swahili, Mbwa mwitu. Also as they are the only member of the canidae family, Lycaon Pictus (meaning "painted wolf" in greek), they have become known as simply Lycaon.

Why do African Hunting Dogs have such large ears?

to dissipate heat.

What are the African hunting dogs predators?

hyenas prey on the pups

What does an African lion eat and how does it get it?

African lions eat meat, which they get by hunting and killing fairly big animals.

Do African hunting dogs eat their prey alive?

They do eat the prey alive, but it is thought that the prey die more quickly this way than if being killed by lions for example

What eats the plains zebras?

Lions, cheetah, leopards, African hunting dogs

How many African hunting dogs are left in the wild?

African Wild dogs are decresing daily in the wild. But in captivity there about 3,500 to 5,500! African Wild dogs are decresing daily in the wild. But in captivity there about 3,500 to 5,500!

Why do hunting dogs have a white tip to their tail?

Maybe camoflaouge It's not just hunting dogs that have a white tipped tail. African wild dogs have the same white tip. In the wild, that white tip helps keep the pack in contact while hunting. For hunting dogs, it helps the hunter keep track of where his/her dogs are.

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