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they all eat hay but if you get a boy goat dont give it grain it can kill them

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Q: What do goats horses sheep and donkeys eat?
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Do horses goats cows donkeys and mules eat tree leaves?

Yes, they all do.

Will the berries from a Yew bush be safe for your sheep and goats to eat?

The needles and seeds of all yews are highly poisonous to horses, cattle, sheep and goats, although the red, fleshy seed covering is not.

Do mountain sheep eat mountain goats?

No sheep and goats are both herbivores.

Who eats hay?

Grazing livestock such as cattle, horses, goats, and sheep eat hay. Hay is also fed to housepets such as guinea pigs and rabbits. Pigs, although not fully herbivorous, can also be fed hay. In zoos, they actually feed camels hay and grains as well. Llamas and alpacas are fed hay as well.

What kind of grass does a sheep eat?

There is no specific kind of grass that goats eat, so yes, sheep can eat any kind of grass a goat eats.

Do goats eat grass?

Sheep and goats mostly eat grass, clover, forbs, and other pasture plants. They can eat zoysia grass. Goats eat more than sheep.

What kind of animals eat a sheep?

wolves and only wolves will eat sheep No - donkeys too, I believe

Are leylandii poisonous for sheep?

Leylandii is not poisonous to goats if they eat it. Goats are not known to eat this kind of tree but will if it is the only source of food available.

Can goats and mini donkeys eat the same thing?

Yes they are both herbivores.

What eats a bluebonnet?

Sheep and goats will eat Bluebonnets. Cattle, horses, and deer will avoid eating bluebonnets almost completely, unless in time of need.

Are olive leaves poisonous to goats?

The Muledeer love to eat and sleep under the mahogany tree. They eat its leaves and bark, so no I do not believe that it would be harmful to a goat.

Are goats or sheep better to keep grass short?

Sheep would be more useful as goats like to eat the tops of bushes or plants, while sheep are grazers that will eat grasses and the bottoms of plants.