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HE will return to the distorted world and you CAN'T CATCH HIM I REPEAT CAN'T CATCH HIM.

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Q: What happens to Giratina if you run from him in diamond version?
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What legendaries can you catch in Pokemon Diamond?

dialga regigigas cressellia phione manaphy shaymin arceus giratina heatran uxie mesprit azelf In pearl u can catch palkia but not in diamond

How do we get electresety in valor lakefront city?

Defeat Team Galactic on Mt. Coronet and either defeat, capture or run from Dialga (Diamond), Palkia (Pearl) or Giratina (Platinum).

Where do you get the galactic key in diamond version?

Veilstone Werehouse. Run around and you'll find it in a Poke Ball.

Where does Giratina go when you run away from him or her?

he disappears you cannot catch him again if you do that

What happens if you dream about cupcakes?

You get run over by a cupcake train you must save your life by buying Barbara diamond earrings You get run over by a cupcake train you must save your life by buying Barbara diamond earrings You get run over by a cupcake train you must save your life by buying Barbara diamond earrings

Can you get Palkia and Arceus in diamond version?

You'd have to trade with someone who has Pearl to get Palkia in Diamond. Arceus' event was never run, there's no legitimate way to obtain him, though you can use a cheat device to trigger the event.

How do you get cressalia on Pokemon Diamond diamond?

you go to moon island and see cresselia but it will run away so you have to search all over the shinnoh region to find it and it will sometimes randomly appear when that happens it will run on its first turn just like mesprit.its a real pain.

What legendary Pokemon are in Pokemon Diamond?

Dialga, Regigigas(must have transported all 3 regis from a different game), and Giratina. Also Heatran on stark mountain, The three lake pokemon- azelf, uxie and mesprit (in their respective lakes) ,Cresselia appears on Fullmoon Island and makes you run around Sinnoh to catch it. And if you count Lucario as a legendary, you get a riolu egg when you go to iron island.

What are the ratings and certificates for Diamond Run - 1996?

Diamond Run - 1996 is rated/received certificates of: USA:R

You try to get 6 six Pokemon from Emerald to Diamond but the saved file on Emerald is deleted after you do so What do you do?

Your Emerald is deleting its save file? Possibly your emerald or diamond version could be corrupt, either from age or action replay codes. I have a Ruby version where the clock battery has run out, now it says the launch is no. 9999 lol. I'm afraid there is nothing to do except get a new emerald version... somehow.

What is the home run path?

Diamond ring

Where can you download the full version of snowball run?

you can go to for full version of games but beware there is no game in there that is snowball run.