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Q: What instruments played Darth Vader's theme song?
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What should have been Darth Vaders theme song?

darth vaders theme song...... wow, just wow

Songs played at football games?

Well, Darth Vader's theme song and the teams theme song

What is the name of the Darth Vader song?

Assuming you mean the theme that is played when Darth Vader appears in the movies, it is called "The Imperial March."

What instruments played the ET theme song?


Which instruments are in the Eastenders theme tune?

Which insturtments are played in the theme tune of [Eastendrens]

What instruments are played in tom and jerry theme tune?

fife drum trumpet chello

What instruments are in the coronation street theme tune?

The melody is played by a trumpet and there is lots of other instruments in it too like clarinets etc

Danny phantom theme on piano?

Check youtube because there are videos of the DannyPhantom theme song played on pianos and other instruments.

What is the name of Darth Vader's theme song?

"The Imperial March"

What instruments were used in the Jaws theme song?

A tuba was played to generate the 'theme tune' assosiated with the shark in Steven Spielberg's film 'Jaws'.

What are the notes for Darth Vadar's theme song for the trumpet?

I have a trumpet music book with Imperial March (Darth Vaders theme) in it, but it would be extremely difficult to try and tell you the notes. So instead, try Googling Imperial March for trumpet and at least one website will give you a preview of the song for trumpet. But believe me, this song is not easy, even for a skilled trumpeter like myself. Or you can get onto eBay and search for star wars music books for trumpet (that's what I did) and find them for usually fairly cheap prices.

What is instruments are used for the Harry Potter theme tune?

The beginning is played on a Celesta also known as a Celeste

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