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The standard of living in Canada is moderate

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Q: What is Canada's standard of living?
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What do Canada geese compete for?

Canadas, like all other animals, compete for food, good living areas, and mates.

How is a person's standard of living measured?

standard of living & reputation

What is canadas national fish?

canadas national fish is cod and salmon................................................thats wat i think how bout u

What is a sentence for the standard of living?

The standard of living can happen in Mexico City.

How do computers improve the standard of living?

Computer's are the new standard living

What is western Europe Standard of Living?

has a high standard of living.

Where is the highest standard of living in the Europe?

The highest standard of living in Europe is MonacoImproved : Norway has the highest standard of living in Europe and the World... If Ranked by the UN.. Monaco would have the 23rd highest living standard in the world.

What does a standard of living measure?

A standard of living measure is the economic position of the individual.

What is standard of living in sentence?

My new job is certain to raise my standard of living.

What is Kenyan's standard of living?

The Standard of Living in Kenya is the 147th highest in the world. It is considered a developing country. Its standard of living is comparable to that of Bangladesh and Haiti.

What is Canadas import?

tropical fruit

what is canadas largest providence?