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Q: What is Claudius theory about why Ophelia is acting so oddly?
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What was hamlets treatment of Ophelia?

She went along with her father's plan to cut off all communication with him which was not very nice. She also went along with her father's plan to entice Hamlet into revealing why he is acting oddly, at least in part. This was a betrayal of confidence, and Hamlet was furious about it.

What is oddly funny?

When someone tries to be funny but it doesn't work. Or, When they are done asking a joke they oddly laugh. For example, snorting when your laughing.Hope this helped :)

Why are Rosencrantz and Guildenstern in Denmark?

It says in my Hamlet book that "Claudius and Gertrude set Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, two boyhood friends of Hamlet, to spy on him to discover the cause of his apparent madness. After the returned ambassadors announce their success in stopping Fortinbras's planned invasion of Denmark, Polonius report his 'discovery' that Hamlet is mad for love. Claudius is unpersuaded but agrees to join Polonius in spying on Hamlet”.

Who are the oddly dressed blonde twins on shake it up?

Gunther and Tinka Hezzenheffer

What is the true nature of Hamlet and Ophelia's relationship?

This is a matter of some debate. Clearly they had a romantic relationship (witness Hamlet's love-letter and "remembrances"); opinions differ on how physical that relationship went before the play started. There are also multiple interpretations of what happened to them during the play. We know that Ophelia was forced by her father to repudiate Hamlet, and he stops by her room half-undressed and behaving in a very odd way. Is this the ecstasy of love? Or Hamlet play-acting the madman? Or Hamlet trying to decide whether he can trust Ophelia? They have not talked for some time by the time we get to Act 3 Scene 1. The scene starts off awkwardly, because they are both trying to hint at something which they cannot say aloud because they both know that they are being watched, but they do not know that the other one knows. Ophelia would like to say, "Be very careful what you say, because my father is watching," while Hamlet would like to say, "I may behave oddly because I know your father is watching, but I still care." When Hamlet finds that she is aware that her father is watching, he leaps to the conclusion that she is part of the plot, and gets angry. Her affection has been bought by her father and by the King, therefore she belongs in a "nunnery". Shortly afterward he will inadvertently kill her father, and never get a chance to explain his anger. She concludes, not that he does not love her for her unworthiness, or that he is a jerk who doesn't deserve her love, but that "what a noble mind is here o'erthrown." He is crazy, or he would still show he loves her. We get a further hint of what is going on in Hamlet's mind at Ophelia's funeral. Feeling abandoned by all the men in her life, she has gone insane and died, maybe by suicide. Hamlet protests to Laertes "I loved Ophelia! Forty thousand brothers could not, with all their quantity of love, make up my sum." Are we to take Hamlet at his word? Or is he merely protesting against Laertes's preposterous gesture in jumping into her grave?The thing about Hamlet is, there isn't a simple answer to anything. And that's why it's the greatest play in the world.

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Who reports the strange behavior of Hamlet in Hamlet by William Shakespeare?

In the second act, Polonius reports to King Claudius and Queen Gertrude that his daughter, Ophelia, witnessed Hamlet behaving oddly, but it is implied that his behaviour is the talk of the castle.

What does Don Pedro and Claudio notice about benedick?

Don Pedro and Claudio notice that Benedick is acting oddly.

Life is sweet at kumansenu by abioseh nicol conflict?

the conflict is that meji comes to visit and is acting oddly

How did Ophelia betray Hamlet's trust?

In what they call the Nunnery Scene, in Hamlet Act 3 Scene 1, Hamlet gets angry at Ophelia. The scene is very complicated and it is difficult to find a consistent explanation of the lines. In one theory, Hamlet becomes mad at Ophelia because he thinks she's become Claudius's courtesan. The situation is that Hamlet knows he was summoned there by Claudius. Claudius, himself, tells us that he summoned Hamlet. Hamlet finds Ophelia there, and then she returns the gifts he gave her, so Hamlet thinks Ophelia is returning his gifts because Claudius told her to. That's how it looks to him. Hamlet thinks he was summoned there by Claudius so Ophelia could return his gifts. Thus, Hamlet suspects that Ophelia must have gone over to Claudius. Hamlet thinks the same kind of thing has happened again that he's already seen, that being, first his mother went to Claudius and married him, then Hamlet's old friends R & G went to Claudius and started working for him, so now Hamlet thinks it's happened with Ophelia, too, when she returns his gifts, after Claudius summoned him there. And why would a lecherous old king be interested in a pretty young girl? Hamlet draws the obvious conclusion. He's gotten the tragically wrong idea that Ophelia is a prostitute. Here is another possible interpretation of what is going on. Hamlet expects Claudius to be behind the curtains and knows he is there watching this. He bumps into Ophelia. There is a lot he'd like to say to Ophelia, but he has to be careful because he is being overheard. She is going to return love-tokens to him (she is in fact doing this because her father told her to do it) His first thought is to deny it; he doesn't want Claudius to know about Ophelia and him. Then he thinks she is behaving oddly "Are you honest?" and she gets worried. Is he on to her? Hamlet then tries to tell her to get out of his life because he is too dangerous, and retire to a convent. "Why would thou be a breeder of sinners?" Then something happens, and he asks the question, "Where is your father?" Her answer gives away the fact that she knows that Polonius is behind the arras--she knew it all the time. Here he was trying to be nice to her, and she was selling him out. He is furious and instead of telling her to get to a "nunnery" that is a convent he tells her to get to the "nunnery" that is a brothel, because she had sold herself out like a prostitute. Ophelia certainly is Claudius's and Polonius's tool. She has engaged Hamlet in conversation knowing that the purpose of the thing is to trap him in front of the hidden witnesses. She has sold out to Claudius just like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern and Gertrude have. But she has done so because she is very weak, dependent and somewhat dimwitted, and she is trying to be a dutiful daughter and obey her father, without reflecting on what this might mean for Hamlet, or that it implies choosing sides in some court intrigue. When she finds that out, it will drive her mad. Hamlet is wrong about Ophelia, but he doesn't know that. She hasn't really gone over to Claudius. However, Hamlet's mistaken idea makes him very angry.

What does the word dorky mean?

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What is a sentence using the word acting?

He doesn't like you, he's just acting friendly.

What customary unit would you use to measure the capacity of a measuring cup?

Oddly enough, a cup!Oddly enough, a cup!Oddly enough, a cup!Oddly enough, a cup!

Does screw loose means you are crazy?

No, "screw loose" is a figurative expression used to suggest that someone is acting oddly or irrationally. It does not necessarily mean the person is crazy, but rather that their behavior is unusual or eccentric.

What was hamlets treatment of Ophelia?

She went along with her father's plan to cut off all communication with him which was not very nice. She also went along with her father's plan to entice Hamlet into revealing why he is acting oddly, at least in part. This was a betrayal of confidence, and Hamlet was furious about it.

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