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Q: What is Quebec Cities population?
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What are the two largest cities in Quebec?

In term of territory, it would be La Tuque, Senneterre and Rouyn-Noranda. However, in term of population, it would be Montreal, Quebec and Laval.

What is Quebec cities size?

The population of Quebec City is about 492,000 people; with another 223,000 in the greater metropolitan area.

What is the population of Quebec City?

Quebec's population is 7,879,167 and Quebec's cities population is 500,000 (Ketsia D.)

What cities are located in Quebec?

Quebec city is located in Quebec

List of Canadian cities by population?

There are two different ways that Canadian cities can be listed by population. The first of course is just the cities with the largest population which would be; Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Quebec, Ottawa, Winnipeg and St. Catherine's. Another way to list them by population would be by Canadian capitals; Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Ottawa, Edmonton, Calgary, Quebec, Winnipeg, Hamilton and London.

What are some cities in Quebec?

Some cities found in the Canadian province of Quebec are Montreal and Quebec City. Other cities include Levis, Sherbrooke, Drummondville, and Granby.

What are major cities of Quebec?

Montreal and Quebec City

What is the population of Ubisoft Quebec?

Ubisoft Quebec's population is 300.

Are there any cities in Quebec that start with x?

Quebec does not have any cities or towns that begin with the letter X.

What is the population of Quebec in 2011?

The population for Quebec nin 2011 is 7,987,191.

What is Ubisoft Quebec's population?

The population of Ubisoft Quebec is 2,010.

What are the three Canadian cities guaranteed to have snow on December 25?

specific cities 1)- Montreal, Quebec 2)- Quebec City, Quebec 3)- Ottawa, Ontario