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Ham Radio also known as Amateur Radio, is a service and hobby enjoyed by radio enthusiasts around the world. Hams use radio equipment to communicate all over the world. A license is required to operate a ham radio. More information is available from the American Radio Relay League or you can search for a ham radio club in your area.

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Q: What is a ham radio?
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Niles frasier do a radio play?

Season 4, episode 18: Ham Radio.

What are the release dates for Frasier - 1993 Ham Radio 4-18?

Frasier - 1993 Ham Radio 4-18 was released on: USA: 22 April 1997

How is HAM radio different from a common radio?

Ham radio is for amateur radio enthusiasts and operates in a different frequency spectrum that broadcast radio. Ham radio operators are allowed to transmit and communicate with other radio operators around the world, depending on atmospheric conditions, and their communications can be that of Morse code, voice and even slow scan television. A license is generally required to operate a ham transmitter. receiver (commonly referred to as a `transceiver' and the transmitting power can vary. One of the favorite things ham operators will do, is try to operate on `flea-power', meaning that they try to make world wide communications links with another ham radio operator, based on as little as 100 milliwatts. That's 1/10th. of a watt of transmitting power. Then they will usually send a postcard from to each other, verifying the date, time and other conditions of their communications to each other. I believe this is commonly referred to as `DX-ing'. You can spend as little or as much as you wish on your communications equipment and many ham operators actually construct their equipment. Although I;'m not involved in ham radio, it can be an exciting and fun hobby for those involved.

How is ham radio useful in disasters?

During disasters regular mode of communications, land phones, mobiles, are disrupted as the local infrastructure are destroyed. Ham radio can work on batteries or portable generators. Contacting the world outside the disaster zone becomes easy as there is always some other ham radio operator on-line who can relay the message and create a communication channel between the disaster zone and rescue / support services.

Is ham radio and shortwave the same?

Not necessarily. Normally, Ham Radio is used to describe amateur, 2 way radio where 2 individuals talk to each other back and forth; on the other hand, shortwave radio generally is used to describe commercial High Frequency radio broadcasting. This band is a commercial service that provides long range (worldwide) audiences for broadcasts but is a 1 way media. Think about a local FM radio show that you could listen to anywhere in the world but you can not talk back to them.

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Is a license required to own a HAM radio?

(In the United States) you do not need a license to own a HAM radio. You may Listen to communications on a HAM radio without a license. However, you may NOT transmit on a HAM radio without a license.

Can I have a ham radio antenna in Las Cruces NM?

You may have a Ham radio antenna anywhere in the US, unless there are restrictions as to its placement, such as in a condo or apartment. If you meant a Ham radio transmitter, then you must have a Ham license to operate it.

Where should I buy ham radio?

Dear Friend I bought 10 meter Ham Radio from Strikers Radio. Buy Ham Radio from Strikers Radio. Dear search this keyword in Google (Stryker Radios). You will find details of near stores

Origin of the word ham in ham radio?

Amateur radio, often called ham radio, is both a hobby and a service in which participants, called "hams," use various types of radio communications equipment to communicate with other radio amateurs for public service, recreation and self-training. But we still don't know the origin of the word HAM.

Where can someone purchase a Kenwood Ham Radio?

Kenwood USA is their official website for ham radio equipment. Authorized Kenwood dealers also retail the items. Ham Radio Outlet is one of the biggest suppliers.

Haitian family of 3 electrocuted on rooftop putting up ham radio antenna?

Bad ham radio. Bad !

What are the features of ham radio?


What is the full form of ham radio?

HAM stands for Help All Mankind .answer 2 Nice try, but no cigar!Ham is a derivative of amateur, in the same sense as on the stage.Amateur Radio.

What is N4AC?

It is an amateur radio {ham radio} callsign issued by the FCC.

What are one of the many hobbies in china?

Ham Radio(Amateur Radio)

What are the release dates for Ham Nation - 2011 Interest Your Wife in Ham Radio 3-80?

Ham Nation - 2011 Interest Your Wife in Ham Radio 3-80 was released on: USA: 10 January 2013

What is club ham radio operator?

There are many ham radio clubs around the world. When you become a member of a local ham club, you would be considered a club ham radio operator. There are clubs that have a repeater that they own and/or maintain. The club would have it's own call sign with the repeater.

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